Loyalty Rewards for Long-Time Customers

Posted by on October 11, 2012 in Featured

Loyalty Rewards for Long-Time Customers

Customers who’ve been with us for some time are especially beloved here at Polish Ladies Cleaning Service.  After all, they are the reason for our success!  And so we like to encourage their continued patronage with any number of special discounts and other such offers, which also serve as a great way to express our thanks.  No need to hunt for a cleaning service discount with us; we have the most generous customer rewards program in the industry!

We Really ♥♥♥♥♥ Our Customers

Those who take regular cleaning on at least a monthly basis get an automatic $5 discount on the occasion of their first anniversary with us — and the savings only get bigger with each additional year!  A dollar more a year, in fact, up to ten dollars in total, all applied to the first hour of the first cleaning session of every additional year with us.  Moreover, customers who have taken weekly cleaning for five straight years receive complimentary cleaning on their birthdays!  At Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, we enjoy dreaming up new ways to honor our customers.  We’re the cleaning company with a difference, making a difference — on occasion we will even make a donation to a charity of the customer’s choice in his or her name — with all the attendant tax savings advantages going to that customer!

More Cleaning Service Discount

“But that’s not all” — we really like to express our gratitude for having a good home or office to clean, so successfully recommend us to friends or family and receive $10 off your next session with us!  Family owned and operated for almost two decades, Polish Ladies Cleaning Service has never forgotten its humble roots and takes great pride in providing honest work and fair compensation to our staff.  Every one of us here is dedicated to making sure that any home or office under our care is safe, hygienic, and presentable.  We always tidy up clutter, organizing as necessary to prevent accidents and disinfect to promote health and well-being.  But because all that’s actually just our minimum standard of service, it feels good to make an extra gesture of appreciation every so often — ergo, our loyalty rewards!

And it’s not just about the money here at Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, either: we are also in the habit of sharing our own special Polish foods, beautifully baked goods created according to traditional methods by ourselves or our fellow Poles, whether locally or imported from Poland!

We also hold various special invitation-only prize drawings from time to time, to celebrate special occasions of our own with our most loyal customers.  It’s just how we like to do business around here.  Our success is due to all the many homes, businesses, and non-profit institutions we serve.  We love our customers, and we have some great loyalty incentives to prove it!