Peter Cooper Village Contract Cleaners

Does your Peter Cooper Village apartment need a good maid?  Could the building use a better custodian?

Happy to oblige!  We’re the women and men behind Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, Gotham’s best-kept secret for premier housekeeping that’s reliable and affordable.  Family-run and operated from the very beginning, we take a deeply personal interest in our customers’ complete satisfaction the way no faceless corporation can.  When you choose Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, you’re getting the very owners themselves!  We answer our own e-mail and phones, drive our maids and janitors to their work sites to help guard them and our clients against the vagaries of mass transit…anything and everything it takes to run a successful small business, we do it ourselves — so you know you’re getting the best no matter what it is you need!

Living in a large complex like Peter Cooper Village can make you feel anonymous, so isn’t it nice to know that with Polish Ladies Cleaning Service we treat you like family?  Because as fellow New Yorkers, we literally are your neighbors, and have been for the past eighteen years, serving all of the city as well as Nassau and even Suffolk Counties.  Drop us a line and try us out yourself to see why we are The Better Maid Service.℠  There are no contracts to sign, no obligations to get entangled with — no hassles whatsoever!  Just honest-to-Goodness cleaners, quality people who work hard for your satisfaction.  You won’t be disappointed!  Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is “How Easy Clean Can Be!”℠


A Little About Peter Cooper Village, Manhattan

A veritable neighborhood in its own right, the residential complex of Peter Cooper Village affords middle-class workers a chance to continue living in the midst of widespread gentrification.  It’s actually not just Peter Cooper Village per se but part of the overall Stuyvesant Town development, which replaced gigantic gas tanks (the area was, like most city waterfronts years ago, heavily industrial) with affordable housing.  Though planned in response to the Great Depression, Peter Cooper Village (and, remember, Stuyvesant Town) wound up giving preference to the returning veterans of World War II, greatly helping to ease those men back into society.

Yet it was a private project, a money-making venture, and controversy has surrounded the Peter Cooper Village-Stuyvesant Town enterprise ever since the beginning due to the competing goals of generating profit and serving the greater public good.  At the time, large-scale housing works like this were considered the province of good government, but the new idea of a public-private partnership was proved viable by the subsequent success.  Still, right into the new millennium, this public-private entanglement would bedevil following administrations, public and private, to the point of making history anew by being the largest commercial mortgage default ever in the United States when its new owners could not pay on promises made.

It’s all very sad, but life does go on in Peter Cooper Village and its fraternal twin next door.  Guards continue to patrol each complex.  Garbage is sorted and put out.  Grounds are maintained as ever.  Sprinkler showers still spray in summertime.  And the local weekly is still in print!