Little Neck Cleaning Woman

Looking for a reliable cleaning woman for your Little Neck home?  Then look to Polish Ladies Cleaning Service and look no further for the expert dedicated maids your fine home deserves!

We’re a mother-and-daughter owned and operated small business that’s proud to be the purveyors of premium housekeeping for Little Neck and surrounding communities, with over eighteen years now satisfying a diverse clientele most diverse in their demands!  Whether residential or commercial, our capable people get the job done on-time, on-budget, and on-spec — all with a traditional European flair and the personal touch that only a local company can provide.

PLCS: Little Neck’s Very Own

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service has long served Little Neck homes, churches, and offices with our unique blend of fair prices, honest labor, and Old World expertise.  Our cleaning women really know their jobs!  That’s because we hire on a very personal basis, avoiding taking just anyone from anywhere.  This is fitting, because most of our Little Neck clients were referred to us by their neighbors who were already happy with our services!

Ask around and you’ll find that a Little Neck maid is a Polish Ladies Cleaning Service woman.  We know housekeeping — and we know Little Neck!  Contact us today and let us clean your home tomorrow.


A Little About Little Neck, Queens

Ah, Little Neck.  Well, the plain truth is that Little Neck is very, very similar to its western neighbor of Douglaston — such that even Google Maps seems to confuse the two!  This “twinning” of the two communities is made by many: the United States Postal Service groups them into the same administrative zone, as does the Queens Public Library, apparently (if branch names are anything to go by).  Indeed, the self-described largest Memorial Day Parade in the country calls itself The Little Neck-Douglaston Memorial Day Parade — likely not just the result of simple civic solidarity and pooling of resources but deep and widely recognized similarities.  There’s even a Douglaston and Little Neck Historical Society, in case the case is still in doubt!

Finally, on a more morbid and unfortunate note, the original Matinecock inhabitants were driven off their land by Thomas Hicks of latter-day Hicksville and the only remaining trace of their formerly ubiquitous presence, a cemetery, was removed to Zion Episcopal Church of Douglaston when Northern Boulevard needed widening.  This further links Little Neck to Douglaston, in the form of its original peoples, whose current resting place is marked most hauntingly by a split boulder with a tree growing between the halves.

So, given the similarities, we’re talking about tree-lined streets of mostly single or, quite rarely, double-family houses with the occasional well-manicured apartment complex.  And like nabes all over town, this one’s further broken down by knowing locals: Westmoreland, Beech Hills, Little Neck Hills, Little Neck Pines, Little Neck Park (also known as Marathon Park).  And Deepdale.  (Hey, New Yorkers prize diversity!)  Once upon a time, these names meant something really important, denoting features of the land or ownership of it.  Over the years, however, any differences have blurred into oblivion the way streets now just blend into one another, like Native nations gone to ground and recalled only as a footnote.