Rockville Centre Cleaning Services

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Rockville Centre, Nassau County is one of the first areas we covered almost two decades ago when Polish Ladies Cleaning Service was started up by an immigrant mother who jumped the Iron Curtain in Hungary for a better life in the West.  And so it remains among the top destinations for our maids to this very day, as it’s still where most of our clients are located — we’ve always had a special fondness for the village (yes, it’s a “village” — see below), and since we’re likely to be somewhere in the neighborhood anyway, you’re sure to receive cleaning that’s not only thorough, and not only low-cost, but that’s also on-time for a change!

PLCS: For Affordable Rockville Centre Cleaning Services!

We are proud to provide professional results for Rockville Centre homes and businesses, and that means just being on time — and since eighty percent of success is just showing up, you can well imagine what we offer when we do, right on schedule!  (Actually, you can simply ask our existing clients — or, better  yet, book a free on-site estimate now!)

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is famous all around for expert housekeeping at a discount, and we do it all: windows, ovens, refrigerators, BBQ grills, dishes, laundry, even your car — we’ll even walk your dog!  We are the original Polish maids of New York City and Long Island,℠ first to offer all-inclusive services of a traditional Old World kind where we not only clean your home but will run any other errand, as is common for domestic help to do in Europe.  When you want quality and savings, you need nothing other than Polish Ladies Cleaning Service — because you deserve better housekeeping!

Our motto has long been “compare our quality to the franchises, then compare our rates to the freelancers,”℠ meaning we offer the best value anywhere, online or off, when it comes to residential and commercial cleaning.  That’s because as a family-owned and operated company, we care like no one else does, and we take your complete satisfaction personally!  Your good opinion really matters a great deal to us, which is why we go out of our way to make your happy with our work, from offering low prices and expert results to providing value-added amenities at no extra charge.  Choose Polish Ladies Cleaning Service and get Park Avenue quality at Main Street prices!


A Little About Rockville Centre, Nassau County

It’s something of an odd name, to be sure — after all, there isn’t any “Rockville East” or “Rockville South,” as would seem to be the suggestion — but there’s a good reason for it: way back in 1849, the local general store had applied to the United States Post Office to open a postal station on the premises (that’s how most folks got their mail back then, at the general store) but was denied many a desired name (all postal stations or post offices had to have a distinct name) until appending “Centre” to “Rockville” finally satisfied Washington.  Interestingly, the area was known at the time as “Near Rockaway,” actually!  But Rockville Centre it would be, given the imprimatur of the then Post Office Department, and once the railroad tracks were laid in 1867, steady growth and development would be its destiny; by 1929, just thirty-six years after incorporation as a village, it had already achieved fame as the leading financial center for all of Long Island.

Today, Rockville Centre boasts almost twenty-five thousand residents inhabiting well over nine thousand housing units spread across more than three square miles, served by at least four hundred retail shops and other business establishments, enjoying more than 150 parks, playgrounds, and ball fields, all protected by over three hundred volunteer firefighters assigned to seven companies.  Not bad for a “village!”

Then again, villages in the Empire State are only political subdivisions that fall within larger units called “towns” and are not the quaint charming collections of gravel-trailed cottages one might imagine.  A New York village is, in effect, just a neighborhood of a town, and so it is that Rockville Centre is but one of many such villages (and hamlets) that comprise the greater Town of Hempstead (which has, incidentally, as one of its constituent parts the eponymous Village of Hempstead).

But no need to fret over such administrative taxonomies — you can enjoy Rockville Centre just fine!  In fact, residents enjoy the cheapest electric utility rates anywhere, thanks to the village hosting its own amazingly reliable power plant!  Ditto for the water supply.  And there’s a terrific recreational center that’s got a gym for adults and activities for the kids.  Speaking of kids, the school district is one of the best on Long Island, which collectively rank among the top nationwide.