More for Your Money!

Posted by on October 11, 2012 in Featured

More for Your Money!

Look online for cleaning service reviews and you’ll eventually notice one thing: aside from basic competency, what truly distinguishes one company from another is the quality of their workers.  Which is to say, the quality of the people — workers and management.

At Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, we truly treat our people like family because we’re family-owned and operated.  And if we treat our own this way, why would we leave out our beloved customers, the very lifeblood of our business?  And so it is that we are pleased to present a plethora of value-added services — professional courtesies, free amenities — to each and every client…as a matter of course!

That means more for your money.  And that’s another thing those cleaning service reviews don’t mention!  Because they don’t exist — except when it comes to us!

Only Polish Ladies Cleaning Service offers everything from dog-walking to car cleaning and running errands…basically, anything and everything a maid would have been expected to do traditionally, because our specialty is premium housekeeping services in the European style, where whatever it takes is whatever we’ll do!

Unhappy with Handy (formerly Handybook)?  Unhappy with Exec?  Unhappy with Homejoy?  Unhappy with MyClean?  With Maid Brigade?  With Merry Maids?  What about Molly Maids?  How about You’ve Got Maids?  U.S. Maids?  Maid Marines?  Didn’t like Blue ChipDiscountMaids.NYC?  Or Voytek?  Or MaidPro?  Busy Bee?  Cinderella?  Or even Si Se Puede?

Then give us a try!  You won’t be sorry if you’re an honest and reasonable person like each of us here are.  Unlike other companies, we’re not trying to be all things to all people.  We believe in quality first and foremost, and are honest enough to tell you honestly straight away how much we charge.  We don’t do flat rates that then get inflated all of a sudden for every little thing you want done!  We don’t insist on a site visit first in order to pull some hard-sell tactics on you in your own home or workplace; we tell you what to expect, based on your own detailed description of your needs and our nearly two decades of experience in this business.  At Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, working closely with our customers to come up with solutions that make sense for them is truly our greatest pride and joy!

That’s because as a family business, we take a really personal interest in your complete satisfaction, delivering a real personal touch of the kind faceless franchises and anonymous venture capital operations could never do!  We love our customers, and we show it in so many ways, from exceptional loyalty rewards that lead the industry to professional courtesies available to one and all, right away.

Take a look at the cleaning service reviews our own customers have left about us.  As you might know, people tend to sound off only to complain, so if so many folks are taking the time to write words of praise, they must really be satisfied — well beyond their expectations!

And our amenities are a big part of that high satisfaction.  Do you have an elderly loved one who needs help around the house?  We’re great with people.  Want us to fill a prescription or pick up the dry cleaning?  Sure thing!  Need that BBQ grill cleaned for the summer — or next summer? ;-) “Yeah, we do that!”

Find out for yourself.  Almost two decades in business (and counting!) can’t be wrong!  And it’s all because we over-deliver, increasing the value of our services for our customers, doing whatever it takes for a clean and tidy home or workplace.

Whatever it is, whenever you want it, let the capable people of Polish Ladies Cleaning Service do it for you and your family: We Specialize in Saving Time!℠

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service.  It’s How New York City and Long Island Stay So Well-Kept!℠