Save (Still) Even More with Membership

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Save (Still) Even More with Membership

Psst!  Want to know how you can save on already-low Polish Ladies Cleaning Service prices?  Well, join the club!

Yes, everyone wants to save on professional discount maid service, but we actually offer membership discounts for joining our Pre-Paid Club!

PLCS Cleaning Service Membership Plans

Purchase cleaning services in advance and save even more off our already low prices!  4, 6, 8, 12 and 24-month subscriptions are available for most locations, depending on the specific details involved.  Contact us for a custom quote!

Only Polish Ladies Cleaning Service offers such a generous subscription plan.  The many membership levels give you 5-25% off our regular discount prices!!  And the savings never stop with us: Preferred Clients in select locations can actually see their hourly labor rates lowered over time!

No other cleaning company in the entire country offers such great terms.  That’s entirely true.  It’s just how we like to do business around here.  Moreover, as a family-owned and operated business, we view our longtime customers as family and love to extend to them all manner of courtesies, from value-added amenities to discount after discount.

Become a Polish Ladies Cleaning Service customer and get the value you deserve on professional housekeeping.  Stay a Polish Ladies Cleaning Service customer and get a multitude of discounts unavailable from anywhere else.  Become a Polish Ladies Cleaning Service Pre-Paid Club Member and hit the trifecta of home-cleaning savings!

PLCS Ways to Save Big…Again and Again

Want the best in the business without having to pay premium prices?  Then get on one of our pre-paid cleaning service membership plans.  They are the best all-around way to save in the whole country!  This is not an idle boast.  Why, just compare:

1) Already-low discount prices on expert professional cleaners: experienced, highly qualified, drug-free with no criminal histories as verified by strenuous third-party background checks.

2) Cash discounts: save us time at the bank (in the case of cheques) or save us from merchant processing headaches (in the case of credit cards) and save yourself some money, too!

3) Customer Loyalty Awards: customer appreciation discounts and free hours and even whole sessions are just the beginning!

4) Preferred Clientele Awards: among other things, you’re uncommonly nice to our workers, so on their behalf we’ll be even nicer to you by way of even further reduced rates!

5) Cleaning Service Membership Plans: multiple pre-payment options for the lowest prices in the U.S.!!

And you can always mix-and-match at Polish Ladies Cleaning Service…a longtime customer who’s also a Preferred Client paying cash two years in advance can save so much that we would almost be providing our premium housekeeping at cost!

The PLCS Difference (Number 22,315,101)

There is simply no comparison: Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is the clear value leader when it comes to truly expert maids who are both affordable and reliable.  There’s a reason why we’ve been in business for almost two decades in a very competitive industry!  It’s just very hard to get the best of both worlds: quality and affordability.  That’s why we’ve been specializing in the premium housekeeping space, serving everyone from government institutions and non-profit organizations to private residences and commercial properties throughout New York City and Long Island.  When you become a Polish Ladies Cleaning Service customer, you become part of our extended family — and we truly mean that in a very honest way.

We put our money where our mouth is: our many discounts speak for themselves.  We aren’t simply about making money, which is why we are always brainstorming for ways to save our clientele their hard-earned dollars.  Paying in advance is the single biggest offer we can make to help our valued customers keep more of their money in these economically challenging times.

“Membership…Has Its Savings”

Join the PLCS Pre-Paid Club with a 4, 6, 8, 12 or 2-year subscription.  The ol’ American Express commercial had the refrain “membership has its privileges” — and that means big savings in the case of our pre-paid options.  Members lock-in prices — not just for the term of the plan but with the option to renew at least once at the same old prices!

Call up your local cleaning franchise or cleaning corporation and see if they can even come close:

:-) Save 5-25% Off Already-Low Everyday Discount Rates

:-) 4, 6, 8, 12, and 24-Month Subscriptions Available

:-) Lock-In Prices for Duration of Membership with Option to Renew at Old Rates

:-) Fully Combinable with All Other Applicable Discounts and Promotions

:-) All Services Still Subject to the Same Guarantees and Protections Despite Being Deeply Discounted

Contact us right now for your no-obligation custom quote.

Welcome to the club!