Service Guarantee

Our cleaning service guarantee means you will get only the best in the business.  We guarantee that if you should ever be unhappy with work that we’ve performed, we will try our best to make amends, such as by redoing the work in dispute or returning to redo it.  Furthermore, if you are unhappy with the cleaning lady or janitor assigned to you for any reason at all we will send you someone different until we find the perfect fit!  Pleasing our clients is a value all our maids and janitors share, and we will try our very best to meet any reasonable request.  We are a mother and daughter owned and operated small business that has been serving many satisfied households, businesses, and non-profit institutions for well over eighteen years.  Thus, we take a very personal interest in your complete satisfaction, taking it upon ourselves to make sure the work is being done properly each and every time: in addition to providing our employees with a customized cleaning checklist of your home or business, we also continuously evaluate the work of our maids and janitors for you, taking detailed notes and matching our observations against your required tasks and standards.

At Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, you can expect us to perform expert housekeeping, thorough post-construction cleanup, careful floor waxing, carpet cleaning, on-site laundering and even dog-walking!  Unlike freelancers and franchises, Polish Ladies Cleaning Service provides detailed all-inclusive housekeeping as a matter of course: we clean ovens inside and out, windows inside and out…whatever you need, whenever you need it — guaranteed!  So if the work performed at your home or place of business is ever not up to our mutually agreed standards, we will return, typically within two business days if we can’t right there and then, and redo it to your satisfaction.

Complaints must be submitted to Polish Ladies Cleaning Service in writing no more than one calendar week, as certified by postmark or electronic time/date-stamp, of actual service.  Polish Ladies Cleaning Service will decide, at its sole discretion, the appropriate remedy, if any, to be applied, and only after a thorough review of the facts it deems relevant.  At no time will our generous cleaning service guarantee contravene our right to determine proper redress.

Look, we’re reasonable people.  And we hope you are, too.  If there’s ever a problem, you can be sure that as a small, women-owned and family-operated local business with eighteen years’ standing in the community we will do everything humanly possible to earn your complete satisfaction — within reason.  Having said that, here’s some more pseudo-legalese to help convey a better sense of the conditions under which we agree to work for you (that is, by engaging our services, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions listed here and only these terms of service, especially in any cases under dispute):

Quotes and Estimates

While all prices given are provided in good faith, we reserve the right to amend them without prior notice as circumstances may dictate.  In the overwhelming vast majority of such situations, however, Polish Ladies Cleaning Service will make every effort to inform all relevant parties about any changes beforehand.  Legally binding Quotes are provided for clients signing contracts while Estimates will be given in lieu of a binding contract.

Supplies and Equipment

Additional charges separate from hourly wages for labor are assessed on all supplies and equipment brought by Polish Ladies Cleaning Service.  We can use those provided by the client, but will not be held responsible for unsatisfactory results arising from causes such as, but not limited to, faulty design by the manufacturer or improper maintenance on the part of the client.  By insisting on the use of client’s own supplies and/or equipment, client agrees to release Polish Ladies Cleaning Service from any and all liabilities related to their use.  Any supplies and equipment provided by us is for the exclusive use of our workers only to prevent mishandling, damage, and personal injury.

Amenity Terms and Conditions

Value-added amenities are generally offered free of additional charges, with the exception of green cleaning courtesies, which require a modest fee to offset the cost of special environmentally friendly supplies, and gasoline charges where the use of a motorized vehicle is required.  Such amenities are also provided strictly on an as-is basis: Polish Ladies Cleaning Service makes no warranty as to quality or liability.  By requesting our value-added amenities, you agree to release Polish Ladies Cleaning Service from all responsibility for any consequence that may result.  All amenities are provided as a courtesy whenever possible, but various factors such as staffing logistics may affect availability.  At no time should any amenity be considered an intrinsic part of our services; Polish Ladies Cleaning Service offers such value-added benefits as a convenience for our clients but only regards them informally, as supplementary and non-essential extensions to our core duties.  All PLCS maids and janitors reserve the right to not perform any amenity at their own discretion where health or safety concerns exist.  Various costs associated with the performance of an amenity, such as but not limited to the fare for transportation while running an errand, are to be assumed by the client upfront, before execution of the requested task.

Mold, Infestation, and Excretia

We reserve the right to refuse service in extreme cases of mold, infestation, and excretia, or to revise our quotes upward when not advised of such situations beforehand in writing.  Clients are subject to forfeiture of all payment in cases of unadvised or otherwise unexpected mold, infestation, and/or excretia.  Polish Ladies Cleaning Service will determine the degree of extremity involved and act solely according to its own assessment.

Worker Health and Safety

Client assumes liability for purposes of worker compensation claims as allowed under law.  Client is responsible for providing safe working conditions, including but not limited to adequate ventilation and maintaining appropriate climate control.  At all times, PLCS and its employees reserve the right to refuse work due to unsafe or unhealthy conditions.  Polish Ladies Cleaning Service MUST BE NOTIFIED BEFOREHAND IN WRITING OF THE PRESENCE OF FIREARMS AND CLIENT MUST SECURE FIREARMS PRIOR TO SERVICE.

Theft and Damage

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service will not be held responsible in any way, shape, or form for any damage arising from the use of its workers, services, equipment, and/or supplies.  Great effort has been made to procure only the best available people for Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, but in the extremely rare and thus unforeseeable event that theft should occur, Polish Ladies Cleaning Service will make every effort to cooperate with all necessary law enforcement authorities to secure justice for the client.  By soliciting and engaging our services, client agrees to absolve Polish Ladies Cleaning Service of all responsibilities and indemnities arising from any case of theft or damage.  Bonding for commercial assignments and property insurance for homeowners and renters are available for additional charges to vouchsafe against theft and/or damage, which must be negotiated in writing prior to coverage.


Money will be refunded only in cases of non-performance of work, such as when tasks are accomplished ahead of schedule or client decides on purchasing less hours of cleaning than previously agreed, in both of which cases the difference will be returned, rounded down to the nearest five-dollar increment.  No refunds shall be given in cases where client is at fault for early termination of services, such as but not limited to worker abuse and unsafe or unhealthy working conditions.


Polish Ladies Cleaning Service will make every effort to be prompt but shall not be held liable for any inconvenience, distress, or damage arising from factors beyond its control such as but not limited to traffic, the weather, vehicular breakdown, absentee staff, and client misdirection or miscommunication.  Customers whose own tardiness results in over a quarter hour of delay will be assessed a penalty fee equal to the value of the time passed, rounded up to the nearest five-dollar increment.


By scheduling service with us, customer agrees to the following fines in cases of cancellation or rescheduling: 25% of cost that session forfeit three days prior; two days, 50%; only one day before, 75%.  A full 100% of payment is forfeit when cancelling or rescheduling the very day of service.  Furthermore, cancelling or rescheduling four or five days beforehand results in a 10% forfeit; doing so on the sixth day before, 5%.  Giving notice of a week or more bears no penalties whatsoever.

Client Hospitality

In cases of abuse, Polish Ladies Cleaning Service reserves the right to unilaterally cancel the session in total without a refund.  Sexual harassment will be reported to law enforcement authorities immediately, with the client forfeiting payment.  Other kinds of harassment include hovering over our workers, rushing them beyond their self-determined capacities, and belittling them verbally or otherwise; such behavior will not be tolerated and are subject to forfeiture of payment.

Sous- and Surveillance

Clients employing sousveillance on their persons and/or surveillance in and around their homes, businesses, or other location where Polish Ladies Cleaning Service will work must inform our company in writing beforehand or be subject to forfeiture of payment for breach of privacy.


Client privacy and security is of the utmost importance: at no time on our website is any personally identifiable information gathered — only anonymous browsing data is collected and analyzed for advertising and affiliate tracking purposes; please refer to Google’s cookies statement for details.  Confidentiality, however, ends where terms of this cleaning service guarantee are violated, as in, but not limited to, cases of harassment and abuse or where law enforcement is involved, whether such situations occur online or off.

Electronic Communications

Your use of this site constitutes acceptance of our terms as they relate to electronic communications: All correspondence becomes the property of Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, including but not limited to SMS text messages and e-mail messages.  Unless deemed otherwise by Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, they will be considered private and bear a confidential status by default.  All content is provided for informational purposes but Polish Ladies Cleaning Service will not be deemed liable for any consequence whatsoever arising from its application.  Product reviews bear affiliate links which credit Polish Ladies Cleaning Service for making the introduction in cases of a sale.


Every effort has been made to present our policies as comprehensively as possible on this webpage and keep them up-to-date.  However, all descriptions given here should be considered guidelines with respect to Polish Ladies Cleaning Service’s obligations and not necessarily binding on Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, with exact details contingent on the various conditions of specific situations as determined by Polish Ladies Cleaning Service.  In all instances allowed under law, Polish Ladies Cleaning Service will be the sole arbiter of final judgment whenever there is a discrepancy or conflict in terms and conditions.  Not responsible for typos.  Policies may change without notice.  Always contact us for the absolute latest information!