Free On-Site Estimate

Use our contact form or call 347-228-0539 or 347-255-1699 — anytime! — to schedule a free on-site estimate of professional housekeeping, carpet cleaning, floor waxing, or post-construction cleanup services for your home, office, or other property…at your convenience!  Typically, we take a brief ten-to-fifteen-minute walk-through of the premises where work is required and let you know how quickly you might expect that work to be completed by us, taking into account all your various stipulations.

For example, some of our customers are very particular about dust (even though their black floors and black-topped furniture excel at showcasing it!) while others insist on patio planks and steps.  Then there are those whose ventilation grills have not been cleaned for ages, or whose kitchen window blinds have dust stuck onto the greasy surfaces.  That’s why co-owner Ksawera herself will come and clean for you the first time, so as to accurately apprise herself of your needs and ensure that our maids thoroughly understand all the requirements involved!  This is yet another way in which we are different than any other cleaning company in the business: being both local as well as family-owned and operated, it’s only natural that we take your complete satisfaction personally!

The Importance of an On-Site Estimate

No home or workplace is the same — each has its various levels of use, of foot traffic, of care and maintenance or lack thereof.  Therefore, it is important for us to visit you to ensure the most accurate price quotes possible.  Of course, we can give a “ballpark figure” over the phone (and you can even refer to our general price guide online) but kindly note that nothing is official until we are able to make a first-hand assessment!

To Ensure an Accurate Estimate, Help Us Help You

Many people take cleaning services for granted, but they can be quite attentive when it comes to paying for them!  That’s why you can help us help you get the most accurate estimate possible by thinking carefully beforehand about what you really want to be cleaned.  Sometimes we will provide an on-site estimate that’s agreed to by the client, only to have him or her tack on additional tasks…yet they are surprised that more work should require more time — and money!

Kindly remember that Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is a premier provider of general housekeeping and professional janitorial services, meaning we do a good old-fashioned thorough job and ask to be compensated accordingly.  You can take a chance by hiring a freelancer of unknown provenance or pay through the nose by using a franchise — but there’s only one Polish Ladies Cleaning Service for honest work at fair prices!  As a company which prides itself on the personal touch, we will insist on doing our very best, for which we ask that our maids and janitors be justly compensated.  Thus, please keep in mind your true needs, as well as the amount of work necessary to ensure your complete satisfaction!

A Free Cleaning Service Estimate by PLCS

To better prepare for you free on-site estimate, we ask that you refer to the form below and think about exactly what you need to have done.  If you hire us, this form will serve as our formal understanding of your needs!

Cleaning Checklist