The cleaning secrets behind our company are, first and foremost, our people, the capable women and men that provide premium housekeeping and janitorial services to homes and businesses every day, year after year.  But many other factors also go into a business and its website, and even more its success.  These often include outside people, and their own businesses as well, in addition to various useful products and services that help us help you.  Thus, this Official Polish Ladies Cleaning Service Acknowledgments Page, a list of our cleaning success secrets!  If there’s anything you like about our company or even just our website, chances are at least one of the following were responsible:

Auto Repair and Maintenance

After our great workers, a list of our cleaning secrets must start with the fleet of vehicles provided by our very own master mechanic at Nipol Autos of Glendale.  He helps get our people to their appointments on time with expert maintenance and repair services second to none and usually the best there is!  As well he better: he’s one of the co-owners of Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, after all — Mr. Yahaya Usman!  If you need a discount on professional repair and maintenance, including licensed NYS inspections, call 718-417-1221 or head over to 6527 Cooper Avenue, corner of 65th Place in Glendale, Queens.

Cleaning Equipment

The third of our cleaning secrets has to be our equipment.  We don’t go cheap, because we want the best results for our beloved customers!  Proper equipment also save time, and keep everyone safe by working ably and reliably, like it should.x

Cleaning Agents








Good Eats

Food for thought — and work!  This is what fuels the Polish cleaning lady: