South Williamsburg Cleaning Lady

What’s doing, South Williamsburg?

No need to pick up freelancers off the streets; Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, the original Polish maids of New York City and Long Island,℠ is available for hire right from the comfort of your home — contact us and get instant ballpark figures right over the phone or e-mail!

That’s right: we’ll give you our best estimate, based on your description of your needs and the condition of your home or business, right over the phone or in writing via e-mail!  Most if not all other cleaning companies refuse to talk numbers without inviting themselves over and forcing a sales pitch on you.  Not us!  We’re professionals, and highly in demand after eighteen years and counting in the housekeeping business.  We’ll give you an honest assessment of what we’re willing to work for and for how much, with no hidden fees, no back-and-forth, just a direct open answer.  That’s just how we like to do things around here, and we think you’ll appreciate the difference.  In a world of shady deals and fly-by-nights, isn’t it good to know that Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is dedicated to providing good old-fashioned traditional housekeeping — the kind they do in the Old Country?

PLCS: Best in South Williamsburg!

We were established long ago in Greenpoint, not far away from Williamsburg, and we’ve been serving many a residence in South Williamsburg specifically since…well, forever!  We help prepare homes for shabbos so that busy frum housewives can concentrate on the meals! :-) Our cleaning women are conscientious but fast, hard-working experts with years on the job for your peace of mind.  There’s simply no need to worry when you hire a cleaning lady from us!  Generations of Polish women have established a reputation for cleanliness and hard work, and that’s how it remains by us: we pride ourselves on delivering quality services with great savings, and we’re especially happy to provide that for the good people in South Williamsburg.  Find out why the best homes trust only us for detailed deep-cleaning requirements!

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service.  Because you deserve a better cleaning lady!


A Little About South Williamsburg, Brooklyn

As some Williamsburg Jews might say, “there is South Williamsburg, and then there is South Williamsburg”…because South Williamsburg just isn’t what it used to be!

Expanding gentrification means that the new developments more common to the north side are starting to make inroads on this side of Division Avenue (yes, that’s right: Division Avenue).  By the same token, new-fangled establishments now exist to cater to the trendy set of well-heeled young.  Things have gotten so that the “old hip” have come to lament the “new hip!”  Now the divide isn’t between old-timers and newcomers per se — at least, in an astounding display of unconsciously ironic reverse-snobbery, that’s not how the new critics see things — it’s between those who live in South Williamsburg doing interesting things and those who think living in South Williamsburg is doing something interesting in itself.  Isn’t it funny how people decide on what’s “kosher” and what’s not? ;-)

Indeed, Williamsburg in general has seen Germans displaced by Irish displaced by Jews who now live side-by-side with Puerto Ricans who themselves have had to accommodate Dominicans — and then everybody had to make way for the hipster and the trust-funder.  Who are now simply being squeezed by a new generation of hipsters and trust-funders!  Just another quarter-century in New York City, is all.  Kumbaya, everyone! :-)