Cleaning Equipment Good and Not-So-Good

Posted by on April 11, 2015 in Announcements

Cleaning Equipment Good and Not-So-Good

Without the right cleaning equipment, not only do tasks take longer, they’re often not capable of being properly performed!

Here at Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, we pride ourselves on a willingness to literally get on our hands and knees and apply good ol’ fashioned elbow grease when necessary, but even that’s not enough sometimes.  Physical agitation remains the best way to tackle most cleaning situations, but chemical reactions often help greatly, which means the proper supplies are also important!  But beyond all this, there is the matter of the right equipment for the job.

Popular But Not-So-Good Cleaning Equipment

Exhibit A: the sponge mop.  This is Public Enemy Number One at Polish Ladies Cleaning Service!  (Well, Number Two, technically, after Cheat-Skates.)  These mops are popular because they seem so clean, so free of the messy tangle of strands of a regular mop, with all its attendant debris forever caught in those dirty strands.  Unfortunately, the laws of physics are such that sponge mops are practically always useless!

Think about it: what’s a sponge for but wiping?  And light scrubbing.  But the kind of dirt that’s tracked across a floor tends to be much, much worse than any to be found on a kitchen counter of some other furniture surface.  Meaning a sponge is just not up to such jobs.  And what’s a sponge mop but a sponge stuck on a handle?  Trust us — we’ve been in the cleaning business for well over nineteen years now and sponges are strictly light duty-only.


Another popular but practically useless piece of cleaning equipment we often encounter is the battery-operated vacuum.  Most often but not always hand-held, these portable wonders are great for spot pickups, light pick-me-ups that are occasional and short.

But that’s all, because there just isn’t enough suction power available for anything more prolonged or otherwise challenging.  Again, think about it: batteries?  Common household batteries are useful for a variety of light devices but anything involving a motor requires real torque, which means a substantial amount of energy — as in the case of a real vacuum.  And even if it were plugged in, the very hand-sized dimensions of such portable vacuums which make them so convenient actually guarantee that the motor or engine will be puny.

We also have a problem with painter’s rags.  They leave residue, in our experience; streaks.  Soft microfiber rags are good for delicate surfaces like glass and mirrors — though, perhaps surprisingly, good old-fashioned paper towels can often work just as well in such situations.  Speaking of towels, so-called shop towels are preferable for rougher jobs, as when wiping something textured.

Disclaimer Declaimer

We often are foisted with inferior products but expected to turn in our famous great performance…sorry, not without a lot more time than it would normally take with the proper tools.

We don’t like charging for supplies and equipment — in fact, our best customers receive complimentary supplies and equipment on occasion, as warranted (they just happen to have run out so we leave them a fresh new batch; this kind of situation) — but we have to because they cost us money…as well as the time involved in procuring them, transporting them — and the gas and vehicular wear and tear, too — as well as any routine maintenance that needs to be performed (emptying out vacuum bags or providing fresh ones, as the case may be; etc.)…just like when you buy a burger you’re buying more than just that burger — you’re paying for the store to be located there, the store to be open at the time of your visit, the store to be staffed during your visit, the ingredients to be transported, and so forth — so it is when you have us bring supplies and equipment with us (and, for that matter, everything we do here: there’s a lot of planning and post-visit upkeep actions involved that’s invisible to the customer).

But when you provide your own, you should make sure they’re the best of the best — after all, don’t you deserve the best?  Polish Ladies Cleaning Service will not be held responsible for sub-par performance resulting from substandard products.  Period!

We invite you to browse through our product reviews to ascertain what we’ve found to be good.  And of course, you’re always welcome to contact us!  We have a semi-official list of recommended cleaning supplies and equipment to have on hand that we frequently e-mail to those who ask.  Hmmm…sounds like a great excuse for yet another blog post! ;-)