Cleaning Is Easy, Right?

Posted by on September 7, 2015 in Announcements

Cleaning Is Easy, Right?

We see it all the time, what we call the Cleaning Easy Misconception: just because it seems easy in the mind — wipe this, dust that, zip-zip-zip — it must be easy in reality.  We get this from clients, who unfortunately often tend to underestimate the time it takes to perform to their satisfaction, but surprisingly we get this as well from self-styled “experienced” applicants seeking a position with us.

Far be it from us to disparage the local labor pool on this Labor Day, but we’re not ashamed to call out incompetency when we encounter it.  After all, it’s what our customers trust us to do: provide the very best housekeeping possible anywhere in New York City and Long Island!

But finding good help is really, really hard to do, even for us.  The latest case in point: we engaged two older gentlemen to clean for a one-off job we were hired to do on an emergency last-minute basis.  (We are pretty much operating at capacity this time of year, and have to take on part-timers and temps as the occasion demands.)  An international company’s District Director was in town for the annual tour of their New York City retail operations, and months if not years of build-up (“Grime, Slime, and Anything Else That Rhymes”℠ ) had to be quickly and thoroughly cleared away.  Oh yeah, and cheaply, too.  The usual last-minute request we get.

Well, we hired these two older gentlemen who claimed to have had janitorial experience, and it was immediately clear they had no idea what to do.  Even though one had worked for a competitor, it was obvious that whatever he did at that other cleaning company, it wasn’t cleaning.

Cleaning Easy…As Seen On TV!

At least not up to our standards, anyway!  Sure cleaning’s easy when you’ve got supernatural powers like Samantha in “Bewitched” — otherwise, why would anyone hire anyone  else to do it?

Fact is, folks hire us because cleaning’s so tough.  And we appreciate those who appreciate us and our hard work.  But some don’t really realize just how difficult the job is.  Not simply in terms of being undesirable (which in itself is made up of many, many different reasons) but also, actually, because there are many different situations, each with their own unique challenges, which we and ours must successfully master.  And surprisingly, most of it has to do with the customer.

Dirty Cleaning Business Secret #666: Tough Customers

A universal proverb goes, It’s not what you do but who you do it with — and in our case, for.  We work in people’s own homes, usually, and understandably they take a particularly personal interest.  But this means dealing with the whole panoply of human personalities, and it can be very easy for a customer to flip out on us for no readily apparent reason: most people are very emotional creatures, after all, and “water flows downhill,” as the saying goes, so when something’s not right in their lives, it tends to get taken out on the help.

And let’s face it: for quite a number of people, this is actually their normal, the norm for them, such behavior.  The Cleaning Easy Misconception forgets that no one’s an island and nothing’s done in a vacuum —  aside from all the expected and unexpected challenges particular to each individual location looms the human factor, which can make or almost break one’s working day!

That’s why we treat good customers like gold.  And that’s why Polish Ladies Cleaning Service has been around for practically over twenty years now — it’s all thanks to such good customers, in the final analysis: we have to be good, but simply being good ain’t not good enough if the customers can’t appreciate it!