Long Island Cleaning Company

Levittown.  Fire Island.  The Montauk Lighthouse.  Billy Joel (nothing says Long Island like The Piano Man).  And Polish Ladies Cleaning Service.

Finding a cleaning company that services “Strong Island” can be quite difficult for many reasons.  Finding one that’s professional and staffed by experts is practically impossible!  Good thing Polish Ladies Cleaning Service covers all the bases, plus all of Nassau and Suffolk counties, too!

For well over seventeen years and counting, Polish Ladies Cleaning Service has been helping homes and businesses throughout New York City and Long Island become safe and hygienic — and stay that way.  Our expert maids and janitors are fully trained and highly experienced in taking care of kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and yards.  No job is too large or too small for our capable people!  And unlike many, we do it all — if it needs a good scrubbing, sweeping, scouring, dusting, polishing, rinsing, or hosing, it’s for us.  From the Gold Coast to the North Shore, whether residential or commercial, if you need it cleaned, you need the men and women of Polish Ladies Cleaning Service if you want a job done right, right away!

PLCS: A Cleaning Company for All of Long Island, New York

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is a local family-owned and operated small business that specializes in providing the personal touch: want your office kitchenette just so?  Need your living room cleaned a particular way?  With Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, it’s easy to customize!  We understand that your home is as unique as you are.  And like no other company online or off, we take your complete satisfaction personally — and you’d expect no less from a women-owned business, now in its second generation!

For commercial properties, our janitorial division provides expert cleaning that’s on-time, on-spec, and on-budget,℠ the better to help your business grow and prosper by maintaining an eye on the proverbial bottom line.  We offer “Park Avenue services at Main Street prices”℠ — “compare our rates to the franchises, then compare our quality to the freelancers!”℠  Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is a real business, the original Polish maid company of New York,℠ with almost two whole decades in the business.  When you want cleaned in Long Island, trust Polish Ladies Cleaning Service and get all the quality and savings you deserve!

Affordable.  Dependable.  And thorough.  Our people offer all-inclusive housekeeping services as a matter of course, for no extra charge: windows, inside and out; blinds, over and under; ovens; outdoor grills; even cars and laundry where facilities exist.  After all, we’re here to help you.  Just tell us what you need, and where and when!  Find out why churches and government offices trust us to keep the premises not just tidy and presentable, but safe and hygienic — safe for workers, safe for loved ones, for pets, for guests and customers, for themselves.  Choose Polish Ladies Cleaning Service — because you deserve better housekeeping.


A Little About Long Island, New York

From the grandly mansed estates of Oyster Bay and those in The Hamptons with their own helicopter landing pads to the blue-collar shopping malls of Valley Stream and Massapequa, Long Island offers a mix of the rural and the suburban that’s unique even for The Empire State.  Within just a few miles by car of one another lay vineyards, sports stadiums, scientific research facilities, and some great fishing and surfing locations.  Speaking of the water, there’s even a public beach deliberately modeled after the private luxury resorts of Europe.

That’s Long Island for ya.  Whether it’s countryside getaways or suburban conveniences, there’s always something goin’ on.  To be sure, New York City it ain’t — and that’s just how the locals like it, too, thank you kindly.  But whatever you do, you’ll need a car.  Yes there’s the Long Island Railroad, but that’s mainly about getting folks to The Big Apple.  Yes there’re local buses, but the most urban it actually ever gets around here is suburban…and as previously mentioned, it can get really rural, too.  So make sure your tank is filled up and there are some maps in the glove compartment!

Anywhere else, it’d be just small-town living, “fly-over country,” but due to the proximity of Gotham there’s always the sense that things can get lively quick.  More than just a collection of bedroom communities, but not too much more than that, the hamlets, towns, and cities of Long Island (which colloquially refers to only Nassau and Suffolk counties, by the by, though geographically Kings and Queens counties [or “boroughs,” which comprise part of the City of New York] are located here, too, on the western side) have a kind of vaguely schizophrenic ethos, caught as they are between mythical Americana and traces of the cosmopolitan.

Which is why “nothing says Long Island like” Billy Joel, “The Piano Man.”  Like how Bruce Springsteen is the bard of New Jersey, so too has Billy Joel become the native son representing the poetry of life as lived in Nassau and Suffolk counties.  Small-town kid done good, hitting the Big Time.  That’s how Long Islanders imagine themselves, as ordinary All-Americans, middle-brow despite the big houses and multiple vehicles, despite the boat and jet skis and yearly vacations.  Irish, Italians, Jews, and Poles and Germans for the most part, with a heavy Hispanic presence added throughout the past twenty years or so.  There are notable enough pockets of Chinese, Koreans, Pakistanis, Indians, and Sikhs, and of course African-Americans as well now.  And once overwhelmingly working-class, Long Island is also coming to reflect NYC in the diversity of economic indices to be found these days.  Many a celebrity has come out of Nassau County, and many now reside there.  For something more New England-ish, consider Suffolk, with its farms and ranches and vineyards and fisheries.

But as for the future, whither “Strong” Island?  It used to be the future of America, but now it’s got no more land on which to sprawl, what with two cities, three towns, over sixty villages and practically an equal number of hamlets, not to mention several unincorporated communities — Nassau is practically all paved over, and Suffolk is just way too far out (not to mention NIMBY efforts against expanding the LIRR) — so will it be a case of “back to the future,” an instance of the United States importing Europe’s old-fashioned practice of consigning the less well-off to the suburbs?  Because trendlines appear to suggest just such an eventuality.  Sputtering economies, too-high rents, and antiquated transit systems: do such indices really form the proverbial handwriting on the wall?  In any case, a New Suburbia could only be beneficial, a new vision of the ‘Burbs, but it’s going to take a lot of political courage and will to overcome the collective fondness for the postwar suburbs to create an environment better suited for 21st Century realities.  As Long Islanders ourselves (we have family and colleagues located throughout Kings and Nassau counties), we pray this happens sooner than later!