Cleaning Business in North Williamsburg

You’re in North Williamsburg, by gum, so why shouldn’t you expect the best cleaning business to maintain the upkeep of the best home in the neighborhood — yours? ;-)

Choose Polish Ladies Cleaning Service and get all the top housemaids in the business!  We’re a women-owned company now in our second generation of providing professional cleaning throughout New York City and Long Island, the original Polish housekeeping service℠ that offers quality traditional work at fair honest prices.

PLCS: Serving North Williamsburg Since 1996

Founded almost two decades ago right next door in Greenpoint, we are the cleaning business of choice for savvy Williamsburg residents in the know, long-timers who know where the bargains can still be found!  If you believe in quality first and foremost, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised that we are also the more affordable maid service in addition to being the better one!  Just “compare our quality to the freelancers, then compare our rates to the franchises!”℠

Like no other cleaning business online or off, we take your satisfaction personally because we’re family-owned and operated, so we care about each and every customer the way a traditional mom-and-pop shop would.  Though Williamsburg has undergone tremendous changes, isn’t it nice to know that some of the good things remain the same — like Polish Ladies Cleaning Service?

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service.  Tidying up North Williamsburg, one address at a time.℠


A Little About North Williamsburg, Brooklyn

“North Williamsburg” is a label that’s more descriptive than normative in the sense that while there is no “real” “North Williamsburg” — none recognized by cartographic authorities (though there’s such a stop on the New York Waterway called just that) — the name is one commonly used by Brooklynites…especially those in Williamsburg!  Or one of ’em, anyway!

While East Williamsburg has the reputation for being still very industrial and is an officially recognized neighborhood, both North and South Williamsburg are considered to be just Williamsburg proper.  But take a walk (or bike ride; this is one of the more bicycle-friendly neighborhoods in the city — especially in North Williamsburg!) around and it’s clear that the character of the streets change very dramatically on either side of the appropriately named Division Avenue.  As points south of it do seem to have still remained mostly working-class and even poor, it would appear that notions of a North Williamsburg arose, likely among realtors at first, to better describe the actual kind of urban environment certain addresses can expect.  And in North Williamsburg that means a bevy of upscale amusements: galleries, cafes, live performances, even hotels for all the expected tourists.

Now careful readers of hyperlinks’ URLs (and those who simply click through) will note that the reference just given is about South Williamsburg — but even sharper eyes will further observe that the Mason-Dixie Line, so to speak, used is Grand Street, not Division Avenue.  While maybe technically correct — that is, normatively true — for all practical intents and purposes South Williamsburg has simply moved — been pushed further south, really — by ever encroaching gentrification — south of Division Avenue.  We stand by our claim! :-)

That’s because our cleaning business has been helping with the upkeep of many a North (and South and East) Williamsburg address ever since our establishment almost twenty years ago.  We know Williamsburg!  And no matter where you reside or operate your business, we consider you our neighbors and will be happy to clean for you.  “Thank you for choosing Polish Ladies Cleaning Service!”