Cooperative Village Cleaner

Need a good affordable maid for your Cooperative Village apartment?  Then check us out now; chances are, we already visit your neighbors regularly!

We’re Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, the city’s long-time provider of quality housekeeping services at low discount prices.  How can we offer good people and expert professionals at such savings for our beloved customers?  Simple: by treating our workers fairly, even generous, and being humble and not greedy ourselves!

It’s all rather easy for us to get and give the best by being honest and fair, to both clients and employees.  We’ve been family-owned and operated from the very beginning, so we naturally treat everyone like family.  And because we’re a local business, we’re literally neighbors to workers and customers, fellow New Yorkers to all who understand first-hand just how expensive this town can be!

And so we’ve decided that our niche is to provide the best jobs possible in this industry, thereby providing the best maids and janitors anywhere to our customers.  We make only a very, very modest amount on each cleaning session in order to stay afloat, splitting the rest to our beloved workers and customers after all the costs of doing business.  In addition to be local and family-run, our business is still proudly small after all these years!

Because small is how we can give the truly personal touch.  Small is how we stay nimble and can honor last-minute requests.  And small is why we can afford to be generous to our great women and men and still save our customers so much money.  In fact, most long-time customers actually pay less and less as time goes on (and on!)!!

So choose Polish Ladies Cleaning Service for all the quality and value you deserve.  We are New York’s Hometown Maids℠ and We Know Cleaning Like We Know Cooperative Village.℠

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service.  How Cooperative Village Homes Look Their Cooperative Village Best.℠


A Little About Cooperative Village, Manhattan

Once upon a time, unions actually did things — big things, real things, like build housing for their members: witness Cooperative Village, a whole series of apartment complexes for garment workers all over Manhattan’s Lower East Side.  Those were the days!

Part of the wider co-op movement in the United States (Benjamin Franklin, that American genius, created the first co-op of any kind), Cooperative Village represented the logical application of mutual aid to housing concerns: shelter is a basic biological need, and what’s mutual help if it doesn’t address the very basics?  Hence the twin-pines symbol for cooperation and endurance, with the circle representing the cosmic order and green for life in harmony with nature.

Today’s village is nothing like that, unfortunately.  While some tenants made out like bandits due to incredibly increased property values at the time of their occupancy and voted to sell their apartments (for many years at first, tenants could only sell back to the cooperative), the tradition of affordable housing in New York — and especially trade unions’ sponsorship of them — became ancient history.  Thankfully, the dwellings remain as well maintained as they ever were, catering however to a much more upper middle-class and just outright affluent demographic.  Young professionals are particularly well represented, whether single or as families, and at least this last part of the legacy continues on, a safe and friendly atmosphere for children.

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