Chinatown Cheap Cleaning

Ni hao, Chinatown!

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A Little About Chinatown, Manhattan

Despite so-called “satellite” Chinatowns in Queens (Elmhurst and Flushing) and Brooklyn (Sunset Park, Bensonhurst, northern Sheepshead Bay), mention Chinatown and even out-of-towners (especially out-of-towners!) will understand you to refer to the one in Manhattan, the city’s original and oldest.

Then again, Chinatown’s not quite the same as it used to be — for one thing, it’s gotten much bigger than its first few blocks in the then Five Points neighborhood: so much so that most of Chinatown today used to be Little Italy!

And so it is that alongside the many varieties of Southern Chinese cuisine (as well as Chinese-Vietnamese and Chinese-Malaysian fare) are a sprinkling of Italian eateries, holdouts from when the Italian presence was a lot stronger.  Indeed, today’s Chinatown is further differentiated from the small alleys of yesteryears past by all the spanking new luxury condominiums going up, particularly along its borders, as monied young transplants move in — Chinatown’s newest arrivals are often just other Americans from outside the city!