Lower East Side Business Cleaning

Just as there is not a more storied neighborhood in all Gotham than the Lower East Side, so you’ll find no cleaners better than the people of Polish Ladies Cleaning Service!  We are the premier housekeeping company in New York City and Long Island, with almost twenty years in business as a small family-run and operated concern that provides hard-working expert professionals to commercial, residential, and governmental clients.  No task is too large or too small for our capable women and men!

If it’s janitorial services for your office or other place of business, you can count on the people of Polish Ladies Cleaning Service for a quality job second to none, with discount pricing that leads the industry.  We haven’t survived all these years in a tough business getting tougher all the time without being the got-to go-to when it comes to value.  Business cleaning is provided by our dedicated maids and janitors, people who work according to the principles of traditional Continental housekeeping, doing anything and everything with speed, precision, and discretion!

PLCS: Cleaning Lower East Side Businesses

Yes, discretion: you need business cleaning done by people you can trust, folks who mind their own business and respect your property, intellectual and otherwise.  Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is proud to offer first-class workers who are truly professional, doing their jobs right, right away — the first time around!  We don’t go snooping around your files, and our folks won’t misplace your belongings in a mad dash on their way to the next assignment.  That’s because as a mother and daughter-owned company, we take a deeply personal interest in your complete satisfaction.  When you choose Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, you deal directly with company principals for real B2B excellence!

We answer our own phones, write our own e-mail, hire our own cleaners.  With us, you know you’re getting straight through, whatever your concerns.  You run a business: you don’t have time to jump through hoops being screened by lowly paid transient underlings!  In fact, you need your maids or janitors quiet and efficient, truly professional, dedicated experts who are reliable and trustworthy, people that will just do their jobs and stay out of your way so that you can focus on your own work!

That’s what we provide, near-invisible helpers who almost magically appear and are gone before you know it, leaving in their wake a clean and tidy workplace for you and your employees.  As a business ourselves, we get you — we understand exactly what you need.  No matter your sector, we will do whatever’s necessary to make your office, restaurant, warehouse, factory, or store hygienic and presentable — for increased sales, productivity, and health and safety!  Get in touch now and we’ll get you on your way to continued success and prosperity straight away!


A Little About the Lower East Side, Manhattan

The Dutch, the English, then Germans, and Jews, and Italians, and Chinese, and Poles, and Ukrainians, and Puerto Ricans and Dominicans and now…transplants.  As in, from the rest of the country west of Gotham.  Yes indeedy — after centuries of hosting immigrant populations, the Lower East Side now welcomes the latest city arrivals: native-born Americans!

Rich ones at that, too, what with housing prices shooting through the roofs.  But say what you will about gentrification; at least it’s cleaning up the ol’ neighborhood — and luckily, with ever-increasing mindfulness and consideration among people, there will be a sensitivity to the changes, inevitable they may be.  For example, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, an authoritative non-profit organization dedicated to revitalizing important American places, has recognized the emergency and sounded the alarm, helping to promote public awareness and civic action.

But just what’s so special about the Lower East Side that it warrants such concern or, actually, distress and, even, guilt?

Well, how about the fact that, more than any other place in the entire United States, the Lower East Side is the Jewish equivalent of a Chinatown, a Little Italy, a Yorkville or Greenpoint or Astoria — an ethnic enclave where prewar Jewish culture reigned, where Yiddish was in full bloom (“Yiddish Broadway,” or the Yiddish Theater District, had provided much of Hollywood’s early creative talent) and knishes were really knishes?  And what do you know: there’s still a discernible Jewish atmosphere here and there throughout the neighborhood, from delis and Judaica shops to Orthodox yeshivas and a mikvah…never mind the fact that there’s the only Greek (that is, Romaniote-rite) synagogue in the entire Western Hemisphere, the Kehila Kedosha Janina.  And don’t forget that Irving Berlin grew up here — what could be more American than that? :-)

Not enough historical significance for you?  Well, the Lower East Side is also important for having been the location of Corlear’s Hook, a part of the nieghborhood now obscured by landfill but the memory of which is preserved in Corlear Hook’s Park and, more irreverently, the word “hooker,” a reference to the most prominent profession in the area almost two hundred years ago.

Speaking of history, no overview of the Lower East Side would be complete without mentioning how the East Village was once a part of it but split off in time due to the development of a separate atmosphere on account of the artistic community there.  But as the French say, the more things change the more they stay the same, and so it is that today’s Lower East Side has quite the creative scene of its own, with live-music venues right next to hip urban art galleries jostling among the longtime working-class residents, all recalling the area’s roots as an ad hoc hodgepodge of strivers and dreamers.