South Street Seaport Boutique Cleaners

The shops at the South Street Seaport were one of our earliest Manhattan accounts, and Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is proud to continue providing professional cleaners to today’s fancy area boutiques!

Our small family-run business has been “Tidying Up New York, One Address at a Time”℠ for almost twenty years now, and we remember the South Street Seaport with much fondness, cleaning up the retail stores then struggling to help convert a formerly industrial district into one of the city’s premier tourist destinations.  And now that mixed-use urban policies are being promoted, we are happy to welcome residential customers from the area as well!

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service specializes in combining low-cost affordability with quality expertise for superior work that’s dependably professional.  Just ask around — chances are your neighbors are already enjoying our exceptional services, with all the savings they deserve!  Get in touch and find out for yourself why we are Gotham’s Got-To Go-To℠ for value and professionalism.  Residential or commercial, Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is How New York Stays Well-Kept.℠


A Little About the South Street Seaport, New York

Not an actual neighborhood as such, it may well become one (so you heard it here first!) as the forces of gentrification continue chipping away at the very last vestiges of one of Gotham’s premier waterfront industrial districts.  The name itself refers specifically to the small area bounded by the Financial District and Two Bridges, mostly commercial and for tourists, though residential tenants are spilling over from adjacent communities to make for an ever increasingly mixed-use neighborhood — good thing that buses, trains, and even commuter boats serve it almost round the clock!

Today’s South Street Seaport still contains some of the oldest architecture anywhere in New York, however, serving as it did originally the old Dutch West India Company.  And indeed, mercantile sailing ship replicas anchor in its piers, facing the local museum dedicated to preserving the port’s Colonial heritage.  The famous Fulton Fish Market used to operate here for almost two centuries, providing Gotham with the sea’s bounty, but the Seaport is now mainly a recreational venue for outdoor concerts and other festivities.

South Street Boutiques