Cleaning Service Subscription Mega-Savings

Posted by on March 18, 2015 in Announcements

Cleaning Service Subscription Mega-Savings

Subscribe for regularly scheduled cleaning sessions and save big! Our cleaning service subscription plans offer increased convenience and even more savings, all without sacrificing on the quality you’ve come to expect from Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, New York’s Hometown Maids℠ for the past nineteen years — and counting!

As a small women-owned and operated local family business, we take pride in providing the truly personal touch that only a genuine mom-n-daughter company cares to give, and our many generous cleaning service subscription options are a big part of how we show our appreciation for your patronage!

PLCS Cleaning Service Subscription Plans

Unlike other companies, Polish Ladies Cleaning Service has always charged by the hour because every home and homeowner is different, bearing different requirements and presenting different challenges.  Charging by the hour lets us concentrate on really cleaning your place instead of being focused on the clock!

Thus our cleaning service subscription options are also hourly-based, as follows:


Silver save 12% on our already low prices with our entry-level subscription plan consisting of 50 pre-paid hours…that’s just $22 each hour of expert professional housekeeping for Kings, Queens, and Nassau Counties and only $35.20 every hour for the same throughout New York County!
Gold 100 hours pre-paid nets an 18% discount, making our general services only $20.50 an hour in Brooklyn, Queens, and Nassau — and only $32.80 per hour in Manhattan!
Platinum 200 hours pre-paid means a whopping 25% off for $18.75 an hour in Brooklyn, Queens, and Nassau and just $30 for Manhattan!


These prices represent tremendous savings on our already low discount prices for quality housekeeping services.  You won’t find a better deal on real honest-to-Goodness home and office cleaning than right here with us!  This is a big part of what we mean when we say that we treat you like family.  We really cut into our margins just to save you even more still!  That’s because we’re your neighbors, fellow New Yorkers who know what it’s like trying to make ends meet in one of the most expensive places on earth.  And so our cash savings still applies, for example, because at Polish Ladies Cleaning Service we welcome you to stack your savings!  Let’s say you’re paying $18.75 an hour as a Platinum Level Subscriber located in Brooklyn — but you’ve decided to pay in cash (we normally use Dwolla for online payments), which means additional savings of literally hundreds of dollars when it comes to our pre-paid offerings!  And because there’s no limit to how much stacking you can do, you could get extra-extra discounts for any number of reasons: periodic sales, referral credit, customer loyalty rewards, and more!

Monthly or Hourly?

We’ve long had a highly customized membership offer in place, but given your feedback and the hourly nature of our operations we’re pleased to now present fully standardized hourly savings as well!

Because at Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, part of providing a genuine personal touch is allowing for exceptional freedom of choice.  It’s up to you whether pre-payment based on hours or months works best!  Commercial clients will find our customized monthly membership options exceptionally practical, while residential customers have tended to prefer the preset security of hourly-based subscription plans.  But no matter which way you choose to go, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best value available anywhere in New York City or on Long Island with a Polish Ladies Cleaning Service subscription!

Subscription Stipulations

A few details apply to both Memberships (which are monthly) and Subscriptions (which are hourly) — three really, but they’re especially important to note: the purchased value of our services must be completely utilized within two years’ time, ALL SALES ARE FINAL, and kindly try providing one to two weeks’ advance notice prior to your desired start-date so that we can better arrange the necessary logistics on our end for you.  These three common, reasonable, and simple stipulations are all the “fine print” there is particular to our discount cleaning plans, whether monthly or hourly-based.

That’s all.  No hidden details, no gotcha moments, nothing to worry about.  In fact, our subscriptions are the epitome of convenience!

If you’ve been enjoying our services all along, consider saving yourself even more time and money by signing up for regularly scheduled sessions.  And if you’re new to us, you can save big right from the get-go!  Contact Polish Ladies Cleaning Service today For a Brighter, Cleaner Tomorrow!℠