What We Do

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is proud to present all-inclusive housekeeping, general post-construction cleanup, professional carpet cleaning and floor waxing, and many kinds of specialized janitorial services for homes, businesses, and other institutions.  Most importantly, what we do is offer that all-important personal touch: because we are family-owned and operated, we take your satisfaction personally!

We do it all: anything and everything that falls within the traditional purview of a housemaid, we do!  That means running errands, doing laundry — even walking your dog(s) — in addition to cleaning ovens, refrigerators, and windows in and out…you’ll never hear a “that’s not my job” from our capable good folks!

Our institutional clients have ranged from local municipal entities such as the NYPD and the DOT to charitable institutions like St. Catherine of Sienna Parish and the James Wiking Holy Family Rectory.  You can trust Polish Ladies Cleaning Service because your fellow New Yorkers do!  For well over fifteen years, we’ve been providing our neighbors — people just like you — in the Five Boroughs and on Long Island with all the quality and savings they and their loved ones deserve.  Our employees are carefully vetted by a professional screening agency for the appropriate background for your peace of mind and safety.  Your Polish Ladies Cleaning Service maid or janitorial technician also has the skill-set and experience to do the job right the first time around — guaranteed!

The Best Deep-Cleaning Services Anywhere, Online or Off

We offer all-inclusive deep-cleaning services as a routine matter: it’s nothing special to us; just what we normally do — day-in, day-out.  Unlike the big-name franchises which charge you for every little thing, we are a small business with no corporate overhead and no need to kick back licensing fees to some corporate headquarters.  This means you get quality cleaning for less — much less!  That’s why we’re the best deep-cleaning services company anywhere in New York City or on Long Island.  Quality plus Savings equals Value, which is why we can’t just be beat!

Our good old-fashioned all-inclusive deep-cleaning philosophy has fostered an intensely loyal customer base over the years.  In this age of multinational conglomerates and anonymous franchises, it’s good to know that you have local people behind a business which you invite into your home or place of work.  We’re different than any other cleaning service around for many reasons, but most of all it’s because we don’t try to nickel and dime you for every little thing: we’re down-to-earth in our sensibilities and you’ll always get honest work at fair prices.  So if “dust” is a noun and not a verb to you, give us a try and find out for yourself the Polish Ladies Cleaning Service difference!

Solutions for Industry: Introducing PLCS Janitorial Systems

For business and industry, we offer no-nonsense custodial services at competitive rates that keep institutions not just clean but safe and healthy for your employees and customers.  Our janitorial systems division is staffed by professionals who know their way around institutional settings and industrial hardware.  We understand institutional bidding processes and contracts, and can provide quotes that actually speak to all your specifications!  That’s why institutional clients have accounted for the majority of our growth as a company: we are the professional’s professionals for solutions that are on-time, on-spec, and on-budget.  Choose PLCS Janitorial Systems when your business or non-profit needs expert custodial services at no-nonsense prices!

Attention Asthma and Allergy Sufferers:

We Can Help Make Your Home Cleaner Than Ever Before!

What we do is offer the best deep-cleaning services for New York City and Long Island, with a detailed 7-step process that’s ideal for alleviating asthmatic and allergenic conditions!  We don’t just spread the dust around — we get rid of it, with state-of-the-art cleaning agents, equipment, and methodologies at no extra charge: we work by the hour, so as long as you’re willing to invest in the longer times involved with such detailed work, we’ll be happy to do the absolute best we can for you!

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service — We Make the Magic Happen

There is nothing like a clean home to brighten your day or spice up your nights.  Whether you’re entertaining guests or just want to free up time for  yourself, let us do all the necessary chores!  For your place of business, Polish Ladies Cleaning Service will tidy up the premises for increased productivity and worker safety — in addition to making your establishment more presentable to your customers.  With almost twenty years serving our own diverse clientele, we have grown from providing affordable housekeeping to offering a wide array of professional and specialized janitorial services for homes and institutions, so we’ve got the experience to take care of just about anything you might need cleaned.  Polish Ladies Cleaning Service truly does it all: we even provide on-site laundering and car-cleaning!  Everything from green cleaning to dog walking is yours to enjoy as a matter of course.

Contact us today to experience the PLCS difference!  Choose Polish Ladies Cleaning Service and look no further for the industry’s price and quality leader.  Whether it’s routine maintenance or deep-cleaning after a renovation, our people will get your home or place of business looking its very best possible — better than the freelancers, for less than the franchises!

PLCS: It’s Polish for Thorough!℠