Why Polish Ladies Cleaning Service?

Posted by on April 8, 2015 in Announcements

Why Polish Ladies Cleaning Service?

We’re the best cleaning service for New York City and Long Island, and we’ve been documenting all the various reasons why that is throughout this whole entire website all these years.  But then we thought, hmm, why not distill it all into one post — for a Reader’s Digest version of things, if you will!  (Aren’t you glad you actually keep up with our blog?)

Why not indeed.  So, without much further ado, here’re 10+1 reasons why Polish Ladies Cleaning Service remains the best cleaning service locally — nineteen years in business and still counting!

PLCS: Best Cleaning Service in NYC & LI

✧ We’ll do this in reverse-order of importance, but each of these eleven reasons why we’re the best is quite important enough all by themselves — case in point, we’re honest and tell you honestly how much to budget for our work.  We don’t force a site visit on you in order to practice the hard-sell in your own home or place of business!  We provide estimates freely over the phone or via e-mail, letting you know — based on your description and your stated needs — what our professional opinion is of everything involved.  We don’t beg, we don’t whine, and we won’t hound you, either; we’re professional, and expect you to make up your own mind all on your own.  No pestering you with e-mail, text, or phone call reminders with us!

✧ We don’t fake our reviews.  This just cannot be stressed enough.  It’s easy to think that just because something’s on the internet, it must be true, but in fact online reviews are notoriously fake — Amazon’s cracking down, and even Yelp is a little concerned at last.  Check out our customers’ own honest-to-Goodness reviews of our service and compare.  Only real paying customers are allowed to post, and we do not filter them (only slight edits for clarity and relative brevity on the few occasions where necessary).  We like to over-deliver but not over-promise.  So you’ll never get anything about us like those fake testimonials cranked out by a spam factory overseas talking nonsense about things that weren’t even ever promised — because, as already mentioned, we’re honest.  We provide quality people for quality people, doing quality work at fair prices.  Period.  Guaranteed.

✧ Unlike other companies, we only provide supplies and equipment if requested, and only for a modest fee to cover the costs involved in purchasing, maintaining, and transporting them around.  This way, you only pay for our expert labor, which is what you really want, anyway.  And this way, you can have us use your own favorite products, products that you trust.  But if you do want supplies and/or equipment from us, you can be sure we use only the very best money can buy!  With us, you always have options.  It’s all up to you.

✧ We provide unique amenities to each and every customer, right off the bat: from doing the laundry to running local errands, you’ll never hear a “that’s not my job” from us!  Polish Ladies Cleaning Service specializes in providing premier housekeeping in the traditional Continental style, where anything and everything is done to ensure that your home or workplace isn’t simply clean and hygienic, but that your household or business runs smoothly as well.

✧ Our customer loyalty rewards are the most generous in town, if not in the country or even the world!  This is no idle boast but based on our monitoring of our competitors, locals or national or even international companies, constantly checking up on their offers to make sure that we ourselves continue to offer the best value to you.  And so it is that we can honestly claim that our beloved longtime customers and Preferred Clients are compensated extravagantly for staying with us, to the point of even seeing their costs decrease in time — for at Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, when we say we love our customers, we really put our money where our mouth is!

✧ For those who haven’t yet “put in the time” with us (usually a year of at least monthly service, though situations differ and special considerations can apply), our many discounts offer a way to save almost right away — in particular, our new-customer welcome money-saver that modestly thanks you just for trying us out!  Periodic sales and specials are also available, such as for Valentine’s or that all-important Spring Cleaning session — and what’s more, institutional accounts like no-kill animal shelters can negotiate special pricing!  “But wait — that’s not all!”  Because absolutely all our discount deals are available to existing customers as well — and are even stackable (combinable) for savings on top of savings!!

✧ Speaking of discounts, we pay you generously — from 25% to 40%, depending on your market — for each and every successful referral you make.  All they have to do is actually mention your name when they schedule with us, and we’ll apply $10 off your own next session!  Each and every time a new customer is referred by you, you stand to benefit, too!  So why not treat yourself and your friends, family, coworkers, and other acquaintances to the very best cleaning service in the city: Polish Ladies Cleaning Service!

✧ Our goal is to serve you, not maximize our profits to pay back venture-capital funders while living it up ourselves at the expense of both our workers and customers, offloading the traditional costs of doing business onto them and letting them fight it out with each other!  It’s a sad fact of modern 21st Century life but the “outsourcing model,” the “sharing (the scraps) economy,” is where all this gee-whiz technology has been leading us, to the detriment of customers and workers both.  Lucky for you, we don’t operate that way.  Check out our views on our competitors: Handy, Homejoy, DiscountMaids.NYC…we may be partial, but we’re never dishonest, and there are some very important facts you should know beforehand in order to make the most informed choice possible!

✧ Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is and has been family-owned and operated all these years.  That means the truly personal touch that takes into account your unique individual needs!  And that also means no one else can care as deeply as we do about your complete satisfaction, since being family-run means we have a very personal interest in your experience with us.  We’re also a small business, and women-owned, too, local people, fellow New Yorkers, so you can rest assured that we totally get you, know where you’re coming from, understand your concerns — which is why we’ve been able to deliver quality and savings for unbeatable value for almost two decades in a very tough marketplace!

✧ We treat our workers with respect.  Why is this important to you as a customer?  Because you don’t want any disgruntled employees coming over!  We compensate them fairly and even generously for their work on your valuable property in order to better help ensure the peace of mind you deserve for placing your trust in our humble service.

✧ And finally…the most important reason to trust your home or place of business to our care…is that we have the proven track record of over nineteen years now — we’ve been around since DVDs were just starting to get popular!  And we’re around all the finest addresses locally, from grand estates and restored brownstones to offices, industrial facilities, and the public retail spaces of international companies, cleaning day after day to keep every place we visit its most sanitary, organized, and presentable best!

PLCS #1!

So there you have it…all 10+1 reasons why Polish Ladies Cleaning Service takes the title of New York’s Hometown Cleaners.℠  But really, those just scratch the surface of what we offer.  Notice that we haven’t talked about our regular everyday low prices, for example.  Yes, maybe we already do that enough anyway, and there’s always our price guide besides, but if this post is to be a real compilation proving why we’re the best, well, that’s actually just one of a great very many reasons why we’re the best that we’ve chosen to leave out for now.  So stay tuned to this blog to find out more! ;-)

Better yet, contact us and let us show you just why.  After all, talk is cheap, and the only thing cheap about us are our prices.  So let’s get acquainted and you can experience for yourself what savvy New York housewives and comptrollers alike have always known.  Chances are, we’re already cleaning a home or office near you!

Share Your Thoughts

We’re genuinely interested in what you think.  Are these eleven reasons good enough for you?  Drop us a line using that same contact form used to schedule service — whether you’re an old customer (in which case your opinion is especially valued) or a prospective one, we would love to know how you feel about the facts we’ve spent so much time now outlining.

See, that’s another reason which we’ve left out from this post, the fact that we’re so incredibly responsive to customer feedback and even actively solicit it on a continuous basis.  We don’t leave our periodic customer comment cards behind for nothing!  We’re really curious what you think and how things could be made better for you.  After all, just because we’ve been in business so long doesn’t mean we can’t learn something new about new generations of customers with their own preferences different from those of previous ones!

Thank You for Your Support

Thank you for your patronage.  Thank you for reading this far!  We really appreciate your time.

Why Polish Ladies Cleaning Service?  The choice is obvious.  The real question is, why not?  And why aren’t we bigger than we are?

Because we want to stay small for you, small and nimble and able to adjust to meet your busy modern lifestyle!  And by staying small, we can better control the quality of our work, because we’re not open to all comers; we don’t just hire anyone from anywhere.  Staying small also saves us from corporate overhead.  These are actually three whole other reasons why you should choose us which we didn’t cover — because then this post would go on even longer!

It should be clear by now that the reasons why we are the best cleaning service in town are many, too many for even a long blog post.  Isn’t it nice to know that your house cleaners are this good? :-)

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service.  Care Enough to Choose the Best.℠