BBQ Cleaning Services

Posted by on September 5, 2012 in Amenities

BBQ Cleaning Services

No need to hire a separate company when it comes to your grills; PLCS is pleased to present BBQ cleaning services as a part of the all-inclusive housekeeping we offer to all clients!

Food cooked directly with fire tastes great thanks to an interesting culinary effect called the Maillard Reaction.  But it often makes for very messy grills.  So let us do the cleaning!

PLCS maids and janitors are highly trained professionals of many years’ experience for whom no job is too large or too small.  Let them loose on your BBQ grills and take a break at last!  Whether it’s a company cookout with colleagues or a personal get-together with friends and family, we understand that it’s enough work simply to host and organize such an event, never mind having to clean up afterwards.  So let Polish Ladies Cleaning Service take care of that for you!

We will strip your grill of all the grime and buildup without damaging it, restoring it to a pristine state using all-natural steam action and good old-fashioned muscle power.  Our people will thoroughly scrub your equipment until it’s as clean as possible!  Whether you’ve just had the first cookout of the season and are looking forward to more or have had your last this year and want the grill cleaned before storage, it can be done for no additional fees when requested as a part of normal housekeeping or office cleaning services.

So take advantage of this and all the other customer-appreciation courtesies we offer!  Saving you time and money is what we’re here for, and cleaning your BBQ hardware is just one of the many ways we can add value for you.  It’s what we mean when we say that we provide all-inclusive housekeeping; whether it’s windows, ovens, or BBQ grills, you’re covered with us!

PLCS: it’s Polish for free BBQ cleaning services!


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