Cleaning for Baby

Posted by on September 7, 2012 in Amenities

Cleaning for Baby

Ready to welcome a new member of the family?  Congratulations!  Polish Ladies Cleaning Service will be happy to make your home extra hygienic to better ensure baby’s health and well-being!

As a traditionally Catholic country, Poland has always been very big on children, and as the original Polish maid service of New York City and Long Island, our family-owned and operated business is proud to provide specialized home-cleaning for baby as one of our professional courtesies.  This means that like all of our value-added amenities, there is no extra charge when performed as a part of your regularly scheduled housekeeping sessions!

Our free basic baby cleaning service includes taking care of strollers, toys, and just about anything else you would want us to clean and disinfect on behalf of your child.  Some objects, such as baby bottles, may be cleaned and sterilized in any number of different ways, so we will work closely with you with respect to such preferences as you may have.  And depending on the circumstances, we can even use specially formulated green cleaning agents as needed for your baby’s health and your peace of mind!  Not all cases will require such products, which incur a modest fee to offset their extra costs — and we can use any you already have on hand yourself, of course — but no matter the situation, you can trust Polish Ladies Cleaning Service to scrub, mop, and vacuum so that your home is as germ and dust-free as humanly possible!

Get in touch by phone or e-mail and we will work closely with you to help provide the kind of safe and hygienic home environment your young loved ones deserve.  Polish Ladies Cleaning Service has now been dedicated to our clients for almost eighteen years and counting, and we feel that this particular amenity is the one most important courtesy of all the numerous value-added conveniences we offer.  Look to Polish Ladies Cleaning Service and look no further for conscientious cleaning women who care as you do!


Please review our policies before requesting any value-added service.