Fifth Avenue Au Pair

With Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, there’s no need for a pair of au pairs living at your fine Fifth Avenue residence just to have a clean home!  Our capable maids are expert professionals who are both reliable and affordable, doing everything from traditional housekeeping services to running errands if need be.

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service provides only the best maids to the finest Fifth Avenue addresses, and we’ve been doing it for almost two decades.  Our women are highly experienced and well-qualified for European styled housekeeping, where anything and everything necessary to the proper functioning of a proper household is performed, from laundry and dishes to walking the dog!

No need for au pairs indeed when you have an expert professional from Polish Ladies Cleaning Service at your beck and call, only leaving you privacy to enjoy a clean home on your own or with loved ones.  House calls are so much better with the dedicated maids of Polish Ladies Cleaning Service — it’s How Fifth Avenue Homes Look Their Fifth Avenue Best!℠


A Little About Fifth Avenue, New York

Not a neighborhood all its own though in many respects meeting all the criteria, when you say “Fifth Avenue, New York” you’re talking about the world-famous one in Manhattan.  Though Gotham has got a 5th Avenue (note the spelling!) in some other boroughs, for most people there’s only the one and only one where Museum Mile runs — and any number of grand parades, too, for that matter, especially those celebrating ethnic heritage.

Then there’s the shopping.  After all, Fifth Avenue ain’t called “Millionaires’ Row” for nuthin’!  And therein lies the thoroughfare’s dual identity, at once famously commercial and preeminently residential.  While further south along the artery upscale retailers ply their wares underneath office workers and fancy offices, the beautiful buildings are almost always for apartment dwelling in the north.  Add in all the aforementioned cultural and historical significance and you’ve got perhaps the absolute most multifaceted stretch of New York real estate bar none!

One Address at a Time!