Battery Park City Apartment Therapy

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Polish Ladies Cleaning Service.  “The Different Cleaning Company.”℠


A Little About Battery Park City, Manhattan

You’d never guess it now with all the gleaming glass residential high-rises and beautifully designed public recreational facilities, but the area now known as Battery Park City used to be just another immigrant neighborhood of Syrian, Greek, and Armenian strivers.  However, most of the land didn’t exist back then, as it was only in the ’70s that long-standing reclamation projects finally came to fruition.  But what marvelous results!  Today’s Battery Park City is an upscale residential district right next to the center of world finance, becoming more and more of a mixed-use community with each passing year: from the sailboats and yachts moored at the North Cove Marina to retail, dining, and cultural amenities — and of course Stuyvesant High School, Gotham’s premier public institution for secondary education — it’s here, with more on the way as the area gets ever more popular.

It’s an amazing testament to the spirit of New York, the very Spirit of America that this neighborhood has come back so fast and so wonderfully diversely, too, given the attack on September 11, 2001.  While nothing compared to the incredibly massive cleanup efforts at Ground Zero, Battery Park City residents had to flee their homes for a long time only to return to a more private devastation.  But in an evocatively fitting rebuttal to the terrorists, all of Lower Manhattan has become more residential, with everyday families rubbing right up against the titans of international high finance, as if citizens were declaring their solidarity with the forces of globalization, the historic shrinking of the world and its many peoples.  For 9/11 was about many things, and one of its most striking characteristics is that an interconnected world holds both promise and growing pains.  In coming back from the brink of catastrophe, locals chose to defeat the terrorists by ignoring them — the best revenge being simply doing well!

Easier said than done, of course, but it is safe to say that after well over a decade, Battery Park City has not only recovered but gone on to be a place that’s even more than its original visionaries could have hoped for it.