Forest Hills Apartment Maid

Yes, an apartment maid for Forest Hills!

While the community is much more famous for its wide tree-lined streets, it’s still luxurious upscale living in the apartment complexes that also populate the area — and Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is proud to provide our best housekeepers for them, too!

PLCS: Forest Hills’ Apartment Maids of Choice!

Whether you live in a house or an apartment — whether you own or rent — we believe that everyone deserves the best when it comes to clean and hygienic homes, tidy and safe, free of obstructions or accident-promoting clutter.  Polish Ladies Cleaning Service has been swinging by Forest Hills residences almost since our very founding over eighteen years ago now, and we’re pleased to carry on the company tradition of helping with the upkeep of these fine homes.  Why not add your address to our list of satisfied customers: see for yourself just what the difference is!

We have the expertise to clean offices, restaurants, and factories as well as homes, and in our almost two decades in the business we’ve also been honored to serve churches, convents, governmental and non-governmental non-profit institutions.  Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is the real deal when it comes to professional housekeeping that’s also affordable!


A Little About Forest Hills, Queens

Mention Manhattan and folks are likely to think of Park Avenue.  Say “Queens” and anyone in the know will reply “Forest Hills” — at least if they’re thinking of easy living.

After all, it’s about the most monied neighborhood in the borough, with its decidedly non-urban streets so wide and leafy, curving every which way to offer views of unexpectedly spacious estates with grand multi-floor houses.  Even the few apartment buildings are luxurious, with upscale amenities of the kind befitting one of the wealthiest postal codes in the city and, actually, country.

That’s the storied side of the community, anyway, its most iconic representation in the popular mind, even for locals who know better.  While still prosperous and comfortable, most of the area is, in fact, highly dense with sky-scraping residential towers that offer some of the best views in the vicinity, overlooking the lakes of Flushing Meadow-Corona Park, for example, or down wide open Queens Boulevard into the Manhattan skyline.  But no matter which side of the neighborhood, this is prime real estate area and definitely ranks among the top three places to consider for a Queens domicile!