Williamsburg Apartment Cleaning

Get your weekends back!  You live in Williamsburg, one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in all Brooklyn, and famous throughout New York City for its creative community as well as its upscale living.  That means there’s lots and lots to do!  Don’t miss out on all the fun dealing with apartment cleaning chores yourself — contact Polish Ladies Cleaning Service and free up your time for what really matters in life!

PLCS: Best Apartment Cleaning in All Williamsburg!

We are Williamsburg’s premier providers of traditional European-style housekeeping services, a small family-owned and operated company with almost two decades in business now.  That means we are not only conscientious and hard-working, but we do it all: just take a look at our list of professional courtesies, value-added services available at no extra cost!  Plus, Polish Ladies Cleaning Service was founded right next door in Greenpoint, so we know “Billyburg” like no one else!

Just ask around; chances are, we’re already serving your neighbors; Williamsburg was one of the first places we worked, and we have a lot of long-time clients in the area.  Polish women are renowned for cleanliness and hard work, and we are proud to contribute to the good reputation!  So accept no imitators — we are the original Polish maid service of New York City and Long Island!℠  We are “the housekeepers you know.”℠  After our expertise, trust is the reason why we’ve satisfactorily served a diverse clientele all these years, from churches and convents to homes and businesses!

Choose Polish Ladies Cleaning Service and get “Park Avenue quality at Main Street prices.”℠  Choose Polish Ladies Cleaning Service and get the full value of your money at last!


A Little About Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Originally one of New York City’s great manufacturing hubs, today’s Williamsburg is a vibrant upscale neighborhood that still retains a lot of the artistic flair which had first put it on the proverbial map; galleries, concerts, and other performances continue to attract crowds day and night, especially on the weekends.  A lively music scene can still be found, while gastronomical talent helps protect its reputation as the premier foodie paradise of Kings County.  Combining the historic with the contemporary, this was also one of the very first places in the so-called Outer Boroughs to develop residential housing on top of an industrial base.  With the influx of hip Millennials, luxury amenities were sure to follow.  One of its many converted factories even hosts a full-fledged gymnastics school!

Too much gentrification for ya?  South Williamsburg, below the aptly named Division Avenue, endures as a Hasidic enclave, where there are very few cars on Saturday because religious Jews will only walk on the Sabbath.  You won’t find any overpriced bars here — this is about as Old New York as it gets anywhere in the five boroughs!  Indeed, some of the creative community that’s decamped the north side’s ever-soaring rents have found refuge here, where a lot of the original DIY boho ethos proudly lives on.  But no matter where in B-Burg you hang your hat and take off your shoes, Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is ready to help you tidy things up!  From general housekeeping to post-construction services, we are “the maids you trust,” delivering “Park Avenue quality at Main Street prices.”℠