Floral Park Apartment Cleaning Company

Okay, so Floral Park is not known for its apartment buildings — but Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is happy to provide premier housekeeping for them all the same!  Whether tenant or owner, we will clean your apartment like no one else can, carefully scrubbing everything to make sure that your home looks the very best it could.

That’s because we’re a family-owned and operated business that’s been satisfying a wide-ranging clientele eighteen years now…and counting!  As the savvy shopper’s solution of choice when it comes to quality cleaning services at affordable prices, our company is proud to offer everyone in Floral Park the kind of traditional European maids so hard to find these days.  While others send whoever whenever, Polish Ladies Cleaning Service specializes in matching quality maids with fine homes throughout New York City and Long Island.  Let us do the same for you!

PLCS: Floral Park Apartment Cleaning

Living in Floral Park means a great lifestyle of peaceful surroundings, good schools, and friendly neighbors.  Polish Ladies Cleaning Service complements all these amenities with our expert housekeepers, highly qualified professionals who are dedicated to the proper care and maintenance of your home.  We will dust and sweep and scrub and mop, then sanitize, organize, and otherwise give your apartment the kind of cleaning that befits property in one of New York’s premier residential communities!


A Little About Floral Park — Queens and Nassau!

New York City is reputed to be the most diverse place on the whole planet, so how did it wind up having a neighborhood with the same exact name as an adjacent community just over the border in Nassau County?

That’s right: there are two Floral Parks in the Empire State, though only one is officially recognized, the incorporated Village of Floral Park.  The Queens nabe is, like all Big Apple nabes, unofficial and can have its name and boundaries changed any time.  Speaking of which uncertainty: Floral Park in Queens is often referred to as North Floral Park to distinguish it from its neighbor.  Not impressed by the level of abstruseness yet?  How about this — there’s also a Village of South Floral Park.

And speaking of names, the many telling street signs reflect the wildly successful mail-order horticultural industry of over a century ago.  Today, the area’s main claim to fame is the Queens County Farm Museum, 47-acres of undisturbed (since 1697!) farmland that’s got animals you can pet and feed in addition to a vineyard, garden, greenhouse, and fields.  Otherwise, it’s mostly a quiet tidy bedroom community of Cape Cods with a well-established South Asian presence, both of which are particularly prevalent on the Queens side.