Fresh Meadows Apartment Cleaners

Fresh Meadows is a leafy residential Queens neighborhood that only has a literal handful of apartment buildings, which is why Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is particularly proud to help maintain them for hygiene, safety, and all-around cleanliness!

We are a full-service housekeeping company that provides premier Park Avenue quality maids at reasonable Main Street prices,℠ dusting, sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, washing, wiping, and just tidying up the finest homes throughout New York City and Long Island.  We’re happy to be able to offer traditional Old World home-cleaning (and errand-running!), of the kind European estates have long enjoyed, right here in the U.S.A. — right here in Fresh Meadows!

PLCS: Your Fresh Meadows Apartment Cleaners!

It’s a little ironic that Fresh Meadows should be full of suburban-styled houses when it’s the high-rises of the Fresh Meadows Housing Development that helped spur the local postwar population boom.  Unlike some companies, Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is happy to provide apartment dwellers with everything we do for those living in houses!  That’s because we drive our maids to our clients by car and van, so having no subway and few bus connections is not a problem.

Also not a problem are our expert maids and their wide-ranging expertise.  Do you want your windows and blinds cleaned, too?  How about your BBQ grills?  Your cars??  (Yes, really! )

Your Polish Ladies Cleaning Service maid is ready to handle anything, from ovens and refrigerators to running an errand, just like the traditional maid of Europe.  Contact us right away and we’ll be happy to serve you, too!


A Little About Fresh Meadows, Queens

Named after a country club that named itself after an area of Flushing, Fresh Meadows was at first a housing development of the New York Life Insurance Company — built, like many such projects at the time, for the flood of returning veterans.  Speaking of combat, much earlier, during Revolutionary War days, Benedict Arnold drilled his men here before he, ahm, turned coat (pun intended).  Other neighborhood notables include the 1930 P.G.A. Championship, the 1932 U.S. Open, and a celebrity golf tournament in ’37 that saw Babe Ruth get mobbed by fans who practically ripped the shirt off his back!

Most recently, Fresh Meadows saw the closing of New York City’s last commercial farm, Klein Farm (though efforts are underway to revive operations) — an indication of just how bucolic the neighborhood can be.  But then again, you knew that already, what with your magnificent high-rise views! ;-)