Greenwich Village Antique Cleaning

Affluence and art meet in many of today’s finest Greenwich Village addresses in the form of all the precious antiques which require careful cleaning.  Well, that’s just our specialty!

We’re Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, expert maids who are at your service when you need specialty cleaning that’s affordable.  Our good people are just any ordinary cleaning women you can find on Craig’s List — they’re each well-qualified ladies and well-experienced, too, meaning you get the best in the business without breaking the proverbial bank!

That’s because when it comes to precious antiques, heirlooms, and other valuable property, expert workers are absolutely necessary: dedicated, careful, and trustworthy.  All our good people are subject to third-party background checks and periodic random drug testing to help ensure that no one but the best people with the best character come into your home!

For well over a generation, Polish Ladies Cleaning Service has been “New York’s Hometown Housekeepers,”℠ “Gotham’s Got-To Go-To for Affordable Cleaning Second to None.”℠  That’s why we are the “Maids You Can Trust,”℠ “The Honest Housekeepers”℠ — the reason “How Greenwich Village Homes Look Their Greenwich Village Best!”℠ — and it’s why you should choose us for all your home cleaning needs, especially when it comes to treasured antiques!

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service.  At Your Service!℠


A Little About Greenwich Village, Manhattan

Pete Seeger.  Woody Guthrie.  Carly Simon.  Lucy Simon.  Tom Chapin.  Harry Chapin.  The Chapin Sisters.  The Weavers.  Kris Kristofferson. Judy Collins.  Michelle Phillips.  Melanie.  Oscar Brand.  Tom Paxton.  Cass Elliot.  Denny Doherty.  Terri Thal.  Buffy Sainte-Marie.  Peter, Paul and Mary.  Sonny Ochs.  And of course, Bob Dylan.

And more (Ian Tyson, Izzy Young, Happy Traum…) — Greenwich Village is incredibly rich in history, especially when it comes to the arts (Winslow Homer, Eugene O’Neill, Marcel Duchamp, Edna St. Vincent Millay…), but most recently the most important revolution has been made in music (Richie Havens, Dave Van Ronk, Richard and Mimi Farina…).  Did you know that the modern benefit concert started here?  And it’s even arguable that celebrity championing of charitable causes came out of that, out of all that was going on in the Village at that time, all the foment arising from all the nexuses where art and social awareness met.

“Artists are the antennae of the race,” after all, according to Henry James (a Victorian Era Village alumnus), so it’s no surprise that where so many creative folks gather — “with a stein on the table in the fellowship of spring,” in the words of Louis Untermeyer (Edwardian Village alum) — there should be much ferment and meeting of minds, and that this activity should be trained on the world and on society.

It’s been been earth-shattering, with aftershock tremors continuing right on into today.  Social activism and raising social awareness via popular music is taken for granted today but in those days many artists were blacklisted for refusing to conform with simple-minded patriotism and morality.  It was the Village musicians of the Sixties and Seventies who made it socially acceptable for artists to be nonconformists.  There’s just no way to overstate the tremendous impact this New York neighborhood has had not only on New York, but America and the rest of the world, too.

It’s why despite having a Middle, South, East, West, and Far West Village in Gotham, all anyone understands by the term “the Village” is the one and only Greenwich Village!