Maspeth After Renovation Cleaning Service

Are you a Maspeth homeowner looking for a professional after renovation cleaning service?

Introducing Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, the affordable alternative to pricey franchises with their hidden fees!  With PLCS, you pay for labor and any supplies, if you don’t have your own — that’s all!

We’re a small mother and daughter-owned company that’s been housekeeping for New York homes and businesses these past eighteen years and counting, the original Polish maid service℠ established in Greenpoint, Brooklyn that’s since then expanded to cover only the finest addresses in the city and on Long Island!

PLCS: Cleaning Maspeth After Renovations!

Maspeth is right over the Newton Creek from Williamsburg (and Greenpoint!), where gentrification has pushed lower-income renters out to points ever further east.  As a homeowner who may be an empty nester, perhaps you’ve been thinking about converting some of your excess space into apartment units to supplement your retirement income — and that means renovations!

Or maybe the home improvement is for your expanding family; Maspeth retains quite a bit of the small-town atmosphere in many parts, and certainly the local civic organizations would like to keep things that way!  In either case, you’ll definitely want the experts at Polish Ladies Cleaning Service to take care of onerous after renovation cleanup duties for you.  We’re what comes after the sweeping compound, when it’s good old-fashioned elbow grease that gets things done!

We’re the after renovation cleaning service of choice for savvy homeowners and realtors in Maspeth who want to put that final polish — no pun intended! — on their properties or extensions.  Our motto is “Park Avenue quality at Main Street prices”℠ and we mean every word of it.


A Little About Maspeth, Queens

Named after the Mespat Indians, today’s Maspeth is a blue-collar community of Irishmen and Italians, Lithuanians and Poles, plus Germans and Chinese and Koreans.  The neighborhood’s always catered to immigrants, though a significant proportion of current residents are Maspeth born-and-bred.  Indeed, there’s a small-town look and feel to the place despite its proximity to Manhattan; even strolling down the very busy commercial thoroughfare of Grand Avenue, there’s a sense of the quiet, the private, the detached and apart — and just turn the corner and immediately the hustle and bustle ceases, and you’ll find tree-lined streets of mostly single-family homes with their small tidy yards.  The Long Island Expressway passes through, as do two city bus lines, but there is no subway nearby and this has surely helped local activists maintain its traditional atmosphere against the encroachment of a major metropolis.