Our Affordable Rates

Various factors inform our affordable rates, such as your location, type of dwelling, and any applicable discounts — plus of course the amount of work actually involved.  This way, you save when we save!

To help you get a better sense of what to budget for our affordable cleaning services, please refer to the following graphic as a guide.  Kindly note that your personalized quote may differ, as compensation will ultimately depend on a site visit, which is mandatory to ensure that the final price accurately reflects your needs!

Affordable Cleaning Services for New York and Long Island

Figures quoted reflect hourly rates for clients without a contract; an industry-standard minimum of three hours must be scheduled per session.  Supplies and equipment cost extra, and for our workers’ use only.  Additional charges apply Sundays and some holidays; for more information, please click on the chart above.  Sorry, personal checks and money orders are not accepted from new clients, who must also pay upfront, on the day of their scheduled session when the maid appears, before any work will be performed.  A ten-dollar fee is assessed for all non-cash forms of payment in addition to any other applicable charges; complete details are available on our polices page.

Want to Save Even More? Pay in Advance!

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service prides itself on providing premier housekeeping services that are extraordinarily affordable.  In addition to our already low rates, you can save even more by paying in advance!

Just let us know what you need and we’ll work out a custom price quote with a simple, easy-to-understand contract that spells out exactly what you’re getting and how much you’ll be saving!

By paying in advance, you can lock in your rates and literally save thousands of dollars.  For example, our first-class cleaning services can be available for as low as an astounding $20 an hour if you 1) pay for two years upfront 2) in cash for 3) two sessions a week of 4) at least five hours per visit 5) anywhere in Kings, Queens, New York, or Nassau counties.  That’s a tremendous value when you consider the quality work we do — remember, Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is a real company, family-owned and operated for the personal touch, cheaper than the franchises with work that’s better than the freelancers!

There are so very many ways to save on our affordable cleaning services: always contact us to get the best deals for your specific circumstances!

Custom Prices for a Diverse Clientele

With well over fifteen years serving our fellow New Yorkers, we know like no other company in the business that not everyone has the same needs, which is why we offer a tiered pricing structure that reflects the most commonly encountered situations.  However, Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is pleased to offer special consideration for your special case; just contact us and we’ll work closely with you to make a clean home or business affordable!  For example, we love animals and so are open to special discounts for no-kill shelters.  But you don’t have to be an institutional client to get in on the savings.  And we save you more than just money, and more than even time: simply compare our quality to the freelancers — then compare our rates to the franchises!

PLCS Is Affordable Cleaning Services

In this town, you can easily pay a hundred dollars an hour (and up!) for the kind of all-inclusive deep-cleaning that we routinely provide as a matter of course.  Or you can pay for an illegal immigrant whose work is uninsured and whose professional provenance is unknown.  But with Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, you get quality work for less: less money, less hassle, less worry!

You get quality workers who are experienced and whose backgrounds have been vetted by a professional checking service for your peace of mind, and you get a quality job well-done no matter what the requirements, from general housekeeping and laundering to institutional janitorial services and post-construction cleanup.

So choose Polish Ladies Cleaning Service and look no further for all the quality and savings you and your family deserve!

PLCS: It’s Polish for value!℠