About Us

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service has been providing affordable housekeeping, laundering, floor waxing, and post-construction cleanup services to New York City and Long Island for well over nineteen years.  No job is too large or too small for our experienced maids!

We are a Brooklyn-based mother and daughter owned and operated cleaning service that specializes in the personal touch, with highly personalized prices that accurately reflect each individual client’s needs.  At PLCS, we take a deeply personal interest in your complete satisfaction!

Our work is top-notch, too.  We’re proud to keep many a local chapel and convent looking clean, and you can receive the same detailed care: just call 347-228-0539 or 347-255-1699 for your custom quote!  A contact form is also available on this site for those who prefer to write.

Family-Owned and Operated Cleaning Service NYCThis special form doubles as a handy price calculator that gives an idea of how incredibly affordable our services can be, as well as how easy it is to get in touch with us anytime, from anywhere!  We’ve invested a lot in both our cleaning technology (from advanced equipment to environmentally friendly cleaning agents) as well as our online technology (always available for your convenience, thanks to Gravity Forms, Event Espresso, Elegant Themes, and Bluehost — more on our full list of acknowledgments), and we urge you to give them a try right now!  It’s all so simple to use and highly interactive, demonstrating yet another reason why Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is just so different from everyone else.

No Anonymous Fly-By-Night

Unlike many others in this industry, we’re not just some guys with a website but a real company with a proven track record spanning almost two decades.  We’ve been taking care of New York institutions such as the NYPD and the Staten Island Ferry in addition to many a local church, rectory, and convent.  That’s why we’re the got-to go-to for quality discount cleaning services catering to businesses and homes in New York City and on Long Island — seventeen years and counting!

When you want it affordable but must also have a job well-done, consider the men and women at Polish Ladies Cleaning Service and look no further for all the quality and savings you deserve.  Just compare our rates to the franchises — then compare our work to the freelancers!

Discount Cleaning Services with Quality

The New York City metropolitan area is the most expensive place to live in the entire United States, according to both government and private data, so we’re really proud to offer the lowest prices anywhere for the highest quality possible.  Many franchise cleaning companies charge from two to four times what we do, but because we are a small family-owned and operated business we don’t have the kind of corporate overhead that eats up earnings — allowing us to pass on all the savings to our customers!

We Love Our Customers by Loving Our Workers

And despite offering the most affordable prices anywhere online or off for top-quality cleaning, we’re still able to pay our workers a real living wage, with regularly scheduled wage increases and other benefits.  After all, it’s no secret that happy workers will perform better on the job — and why wouldn’t you want someone conscientious working in your home or place of business?

That’s why every Polish Ladies Cleaning Service maid is well compensated  for her work, and the men of our janitorial systems division enjoy the same benefits.  All so that they will give you their best and go that extra mile just for you!

Honest wages for honest labor…what a concept!  But that’s the vision behind Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, one forged in the crucible that is the immigrant experience.

An American Dream Come True: The PLCS Story

And now, at last, the never-before-told “secret origins” of Polish Ladies Cleaning Service!

It all started when Anna made her bid for freedom by hopping the border in Hungary.  The Berlin Wall would not come down for another few months, but already the signs of Communist totalitarianism crumbling were unmistakable and ambitious young Anna, what with a growing family to care for, simply passed through the Iron Curtain into the West!  She, her husband, and their children made their way to Germany before embarking for America, the land of opportunity.  Settling at first in the traditional Polish neighborhood of Greenpoint in Brooklyn, New York, Anna and Yahaya (her husband John) worked a variety of odd jobs common to the newly arrived: office clerk, home health aide, cleaning woman.

It was while working as a maid that Anna became inspired to organize her fellow workers into an outfit that would provide top-notch services for the lowest possible prices.  From first-hand experience, she knew that many households and businesses were not getting their money’s worth due to avaricious managers who squeezed both their workers and their customers! Determined to invent a better way to do business, Anna founded what has now become the Polish Ladies Cleaning Service so beloved of savvy New Yorkers.

Why You Should Choose Us

French maids, Irish maids, Polish cleaning women…what’s the difference?  Believe it or not, those of our many clients who didn’t find us through a friend’s referral first found us by searching the internet for a specifically Polish maid.  That’s because Polish women have the reputation of being especially tidy — and, according to Heinrich Heine, an all-round angel of the earth!  So it’s only natural that when it comes to trusting someone to come into your home, only the best will do.  Well, Polish maids are famous for their good work and honesty, and we are the original Polish maid service of New York, so why settle for imitators?

And you don’t even have to be Polish to love Polish Ladies Cleaning Service!  Nor do you have to be Polish or a woman to work for us: we are an equal-opportunity employer hiring both men and women of all ages and backgrounds.  Thanks to such a diverse staff, we have been able to serve an equally diverse clientele with complete satisfaction for almost twenty years now.  No matter what you need, we have the right person for the job you want done!

First, all hires are vetted by an independent agency that verifies their backgrounds to ensure your safety and peace of mind.  They are also insured, to the tune of thousands of dollars, so that you can be confident someone stands behind what they do, ready to assume legal responsibility for it.  Finally, our average worker has almost half a decade of experience, typically all of it with us — no rotating cast of characters here!

The result is clear: combine our quality workforce with low prices and what you get is the Polish Ladies Cleaning Service chosen by local homes, businesses, and non-profit institutions for all their cleaning needs — the undisputed leader in discount cleaning services for New York City and Long Island!

What to Expect

The very first time, co-owner Ksawera (the daughter) will come and clean in order to fully apprise herself of your needs, ensuring that our maids understand the exact requirements!  She will spend all the time necessary to understand your situation in order to provide the most reliable price quote possible.  Then cleaning can start right away, or you can schedule your session for another time.  Simple!

This kind of personal hands-on experience is at the heart of why we are so different from other companies in this business.  We take a personal interest in your needs and do everything we can to make sure you are satisfied!  If anything is amiss, we will remedy it at no extra charge.  Remember, Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is a small family-owned and operated business, so we take your satisfaction personally!

It all starts with our simple two-part form, comprised of customer and vendor copies, detailing your requirements and our terms.  This small  document will serve as our written understanding of everything that’s required.  Once payment is made, work begins immediately!  In the case of unforeseen circumstances necessitating more time beyond that quoted, your authorization will be secured before any further work is performed.  Only cash and credit cards are accepted for payment from new clients; a fee of ten dollars is assessed for the use of credit cards in all cases.  Complete details are available on our policies page.

We hope you will give us a try.  Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is just a small women-owned business dedicated to tidying up the world, one home or business at a time!  We’re not some faceless giant conglomerate; we’re your neighbors, fellow New Yorkers who are happy to make an honest living.

Polish Ladies Cleaning ServiceAffordable Cleaning Services for New York City and Long IslandWe hope our website gives you a good idea of who we are and what we do.  If you have any further concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our online form or simply call 347-228-0539 or 347-255-1699 anytime, 24/7!  Thank you for visiting, and thank you for choosing Polish Ladies Cleaning Service!